Pre-Race Prep

It’s been a CRAZY few weeks.  Last week, I ran 11 miles in Columbus, 4 miles in Cincinnati and 6 miles in Cleveland.  Between a really busy period at work, a presentation at a statewide conference, an out of town wedding and a houseguest, I have been fighting off a great sense of being overwhelmed. Every day has basically been just making it to the next day. And then I would remember one little thing… this MARATHON coming up.  But now I don’t wonder if being so distracted hasn’t helped.  I have my clothes laid out, I have my nutrition plan, I stuffed myself full of pasta last night, and I even have company for my first 13.  What I REALLY want to do is get my head in the game and not have a mental breakdown as I’m pretty sure is what destroyed me in Nashville.  The Columbus Marathon has introduced a Psyching Team, and I stopped by their booth at the expo. I picked up a list of pointers, and had a great talk with one of the team members.  She gave me a small piece of ribbon on a pin and said it was a piece of the actual Finish Line Ribbon.  The only rule on race day is that it has to cross the finish line.  She suggested attaching a mantra or catch phrase to the ribbon so I could associate it with positive thoughts to get me through hard moments.  I love this idea!

I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, so here are some shots from the last few weeks as I get myself race-ready.

From our stay in Cleveland - a reminder to appreciate these moments.
Appreciate quiet moments

My next struggle - tame the marathon weight-gain beast. Up 4lbs this session.
My next struggle – tame the marathon weight-gain beast. Up 4lbs this session.

number three is still scary

Columbus has one of the better expos!

next goal… working on this!


Columbus Marathon Training Week 16

Columbus Marathon Training: Week 16

September 28-October 04, 2015

 DOR – Cooking for a cookbook club at work
Tuesday: Spin  class
Wednesday: DOR – I had a meeting that ran past 8:30 so missed my run
Thursday: Dog walk + Yoga DVD – late day at work (and then a DATE NIGHT. FINALLY)
Friday: DOR I stayed in bed all morning, and shopped all afternoon….
Saturday: DOR I spent some very needed quality time relaxing with my boyfriend. Brunch, football and Halloween decorations.
Sunday: After a sleepless night, I woke up late to my group run. Got there and they had headed out for their first 4 miles. I started having some tummy issues and decided that I would be MUCH better suited to go home and crawl back in bed than fight my body and try to get 12 miles in. So that’s what I did.

Am I thrilled with this training week?  No, not really. Am I thrilled that I feel rundown and panicked at the same time? No. But I am trying to be intuitive and not beat myself up too much for what I have missed.

As suggested by many, I need a lot more positive thinking as I head in to race week, so I am going to work on that.  Another busy week ahead- work conference in Cincinnati followed by a wedding in Cleveland. Home on Monday and back to the grind on Tuesday. Another big work event next Wednesday, and then the next thing you know… Race Day!

Self Care Time
Self Care Time