About Me:

I am a librarian in Central Ohio, by way of 10 years in Chicago as a freelance theater technician. I’m interested in local food, craft beer, great coffee, stimulating conversation, hand-crafted cocktails and social justice.

My Journey:

At 5’2″, I have been overweight since roughly 4th grade.  I honestly can’t say what it was specifically that made me decide that 2011 was the year to make a change, but apparently it was!

I joined Weight Watchers because they were advertising meetings at my job.  I began my journey on March 9th 2011.  My first weigh in had me at 191.4 lbs.  I reached my goal in August 2012.  Since then, I have had more ups than downs in terms of weight loss, but I am working on what is right for me in terms of keeping the weight off.  I want to stay healthy and fit!

Run With Me:

When I joined Weight Watchers, I was almost completely inactive.  I would occasionally play around with the WiiFit, and if I was feeling super motivated, I would put on a yoga DVD.  I knew that if I wanted this to really work for me, I had to find activities I enjoyed.  I started the Couch to 5k running program on May 23rd 2011  I started it because it was a simple schedule I could follow easily, and it didn’t cost any money.

To stay motivated, I signed up for a race a month.  I joined the Chicago Area Runners Association when I decided to run a half marathon.  They helped me train for four races.  In 2013, I moved back to Ohio and joined another training group.  In May 2014, I ran my first full marathon.  All of my races and times can be found here.

Sometimes running makes me happy.  Sometimes running makes me sad.  Sometimes running makes me frustrated!  But running ALWAYS makes me feel alive!

A note about the blog name and sticker.  The sticker came in a race day swag bag and is to promote Girls on the Run Chicago.  I am not affiliated with Girls on the Run in any way, but I strongly support their mission.  Support them if you can!  I’m not associated with Weight Watchers or theChicago Area Runners Association either, just me writing for me!

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