Misguided Post-Marathon Thoughts

The Erie Marathon. It’s all over. And it was NOT my day.

I don’t know if I will bother with a full race recap of this one, because I’m afraid it will just turn in to a lot of needless whining about how it all felt wrong.

What really feels wrong, though, is my reaction to this Finish Line photo:

Grinning through the pain
Grinning through the pain

I put this up on Facebook, and let everyone know it was a hard race. I finished in 5:45, which was an added 8 minutes on to my slowest time. But my first thought when I saw this picture wasn’t “I had a hard race.” or “I can’t believe I crossed the finish line.” or “Look what I just did!” it was simply… “I look fat.”

I am spending a few weeks stepping away from PRs and speed work and all of that to just remember how far I’ve come. Of course there are ebbs and flows in weight loss. Stress, life, love, work, etc. And I am working on embracing those and getting stronger as I go.