Training Week 5: 12.02-12.08

Monday: 4 mile run with my running buddy! Yay running buddy! Yay 4 miles!

Tuesday: 2 mile run at the reservoir. Did the hill, felt good, a brisk run!

Wednesday: DOR. Made a yummy dinner from the WW Ultimate Chicken Cookbook and watched When Harry Met Sally. My favorite holiday movie. 🙂

Thursday: Attempted 3 miles at the fitness center. Started on the track with my GPS. Realized it was not working. Turned off GPS, and then my hip started KILLING me. Finished up on the treadmill. Did not feel like a complete workout.

Friday: Went home from work early with a bad headache. DOR.

Saturday: Jingle Bell 5k! I was sore and cold and had a cold!!! But, I got my December race done!

Sunday: SICK. I skipped spinning! And I did not even feel bad about it because I felt so yucky. My body needs some recovery time.

For dinner, I made spicy posole stew. One of my favorite restaurants has this on their menu, and it was just what I wanted to clear my sinuses. As a belated version of Sunday Cooking, I will post the recipe and PPs soon. But for now, I need a nap.



Training Week 4: 11.25-12.01

Monday: DOR – Did not feel well at ALL.

Tuesday: DOR. Had to go in for a physical at the Dr’s office for work. Fasting, did not make time for a run.

Wednesday: 3.6 Miles on the treadmill. Busy busy busy day off prepping for Thanksgiving, but wanted to make sure that I got a few miles in when I felt up to it.

Thursday: 4 mile run – FLYING FEATHER THANKSGIVING RUN! Great fun, great course, but FREEZING COLD! Got a bottle of wine afterward, and got to spend some time with family.

Friday: DOR. Work. Womp womp.

Saturday: DOR.

Sunday: Cross training – Spin class. Kicked my bum. Nice one.

Too many off days. Way way way too much going on. Next week’s plan – 4 runs and spinning!