Columbus Marathon Training Week 15

Columbus Marathon Training: Week 15

September 21-September 27, 2015

 1.6 mile dog walk
Tuesday: Spin  class
Wednesday: 1 mile dog walk/3.7 mile run with running buddies
Thursday: 2 mile shakeout run with running buddies
Friday: 20 mile run!!!
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: Tentative – 7.5 mile run with training group  I opted to sleep in today. It was glorious.

A lot more activity this week – yay!  I am noticing my lack of yoga though, I am feeling really tight after the 20 mile run.  Foam rolling is in my future.  I am happy that I committed to more running days, even if they were short runs.

For my 20 miler, I decided to do it on my own because I had the day off – this is a working weekend for me and the thought of going to work for 5 hours after a 20 mile run felt overwhelming.  The running group is meeting at a far out location, and I don’t think I would have had time to run with them and get ready for work anyway. Plus – NOW IT’S DONE!  While I was running, I enlisted some friends (without them knowing) to keep me motivated. I sent a Snapchat out for every mile I completed and let them know from Mile 1 that I was doing 20 for the day. From mile 1-6 it felt silly, and then from 7 on, I knew I couldn’t stop because I was accountable to finish up those miles.  Here is a ridiculous compilation of my morning:


I love these pictures for how REAL they feel. Running is not a pretty sport, at least not for me!  The struggle is real.


Food and Fitness Plan 2015 Week 39

Back to planning meals & workouts – and sticking to that plan to the best of my ability

Monday: Hamburger Stew via well fed, flat broke (found the recipe in the cookbook, can’t find it on the blog!)
Tuesday: Tossed salad with Brussels Sprouts and kidney beans
Wednesday: Cornish Pasties (from Jungle Jim’s!) and Rainbow Chard (stems and all!)
Thursday: Angel hair pasta with sauteed bell peppers and capers (having a friend over for dinner)
Friday: TBD
Saturday: TBD but this Jalapeno Popper Chicken Chili sounds divine
Sunday:  Working, perhaps pizza bubble up casserole for some post-work football watching

Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Morning yoga  + spin
Wednesday: Evening run – 4 miles
Thursday: Morning yoga + 4 miles (depending on how I feel) – because the next day…
Saturday: Walk at lunch (working)
Sunday: 5ish mile shake-out run (working)

I missed my last group run because we were out of town. I tried running an 18 on a day that I had to work, and it was not pretty. So instead I will do my  long run on Friday, at my own pace, with my own nutrition. I have gotten in to listening to podcasts on my long runs, this helps to distract me when it gets to hour 4…  Wish me luck!


Columbus Marathon Training Week 14

Columbus Marathon Training: Week 14

September 14-September 20, 2015

 DOR – Travelling day (walked around Chicago for awhile though)
Tuesday: Spin  class
Wednesday: 4 mile run (hill repeats)
Thursday: Yoga DVD
Friday: Chicago – Walk to WeWa Meeting
Saturday: Chicago – DOR
Sunday: Chicago – DOR


Nope. Not my best week.  This week was probably one of my WORST weeks.  Even when I’m NOT training for something, I work out more than this.  I really *wanted* to run in Chicago, but I let vacation brain get the best of me, and I slacked off on everything.  Including diet and exercise. Majorly.  Not gonna lie, really frustrated with myself this week.  Chalk it up to needing a break?  Who knows.


Columbus Marathon Training Week 13

Columbus Marathon Training: Week 13

September 7-September 13, 2015

 Labor Day – DOR (Recovering from 20 miles)
Tuesday: 2.2 mile walk (skipped spin class so I could grocery shop)
Wednesday: 4 mile run
Thursday: Iron Yoga DVD + dog walk
Friday: 15 mile run + dog walk
Saturday: DOR – Work
Sunday: DOR – Traveled to Chicago for work

Finished up 15 miles!
Finished up 15 miles!

Not a lot of running this week.  In fact not a lot of running over the past few weeks.  I have been getting busier with work/life and not making a huge effort to get out there.  Part of that has been the routine change with Ms. Roxie coming home to us.  I am up earlier, and getting more walks in, but going home instead of running after work because I am worried about her being home alone for too long. Last night we may have turned the corner.  When I got home from work, she had been alone for about 3 hours. I peeked in the window, and she was sitting calmly in her (unlocked) crate.  YAY, good job Roxie!

Anyway, I am hoping to get some more running days in, and I’m hoping that the spin & yoga make up for lack of consistent running.  We are going BACK to Chicago this weekend, where I plan to get my 18 mile run in on Saturday morning! It is also the day of the CARA Ready to Run event where marathoners have a race environment for their final 20 mile run before the Chicago Marathon.  Logistically (and financially) it won’t make a lot of sense for me to sign up, so I’ll be tackling that run solo.  Looking forward to some time on the lakefront trail!


Columbus Marathon Training Weeks 11 & 12

Columbus Marathon Training: Weeks 11-12

Week 11 August 24-August 30, 2015
Monday: First day of vacation! Took it easy, but I did walk to my eye dr’s appointment! I miss just… walking to places.
Tuesday: Spin class & two mile dog walk
Wednesday: 8 miles total, 6 miles running and 2 miles walking at one of our hilliest spots
Thursday: 2 mile dog walk
Friday: Yoga DVD before our road trip
Saturday: 18 mile run at the lovely Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA. I am really proud of this one, I’ve never had to run 18 on my own before.  I was out by 7:30am, beat most of the really hot weather, and absolutely loved the scenery.

Sunrise on Presque Isle
Sunrise on Presque Isle
These feet took me 18 miles!
These feet took me 18 miles!

Sunday: DOR but we took Roxie for a walk before we drove back to Ohio.  Our girl had some ups and downs during her first trip away, but I’m glad we were able to bring her with us to visit!

Week 12 August 31-September 6, 2015
Monday: 2 mile dog walk
Tuesday: Spin class. So. Incredibly. Sweaty.
Wednesday: DOR – I really think I hit the wall this week.
Thursday: DOR – I came right home because we were having some thunderstorms. An already anxious dog, during a thunderstorm is a whole lot to handle. The poor thing was shaking like a leaf.  I spent a lot of time pacing around the house with her…
Friday: 3ish mile run. I waited WAY too long in the heat and this run was a killer.  It was very sluggish, but I tried to get hills in despite the heat.
Saturday: DOR . I worked Saturday, but I was early so I had enough time to walk a lap around a park close to my job.  It’s the little things.
Sunday: 20 miles done!  We started around 7:15 and the run took me four hours and fifteen minutes.  It was hot, I slowed way down in my pace, but I am always impressed when those 20 milers are over. I don’t know if they will ever get easier, but I did feel somewhat prepared.  Here is what I need to keep in mind over the next few weeks of training!

I only need to worry about me - being a decent human being!
I only need to worry about me!