Wordless Wednesday: Snacks!

Chocolate Pretzel Bar
A sweet treat...
Beet Salad
A savory treat...
Apple cinnamon Chobani + Multigrain Cheerios
A protein packed treat!

The basil from the Beet + Feta salad game from my basil plant!  It grew from a portion I got last fall from my Videnovich Farms CSA!  Such a treat to have fresh herbs at the ready!  🙂


Capital City Half Marathon Training: Week 2

Hit a bump in the road this week, but I will certainly keep on truckin’ with this training schedule.

Monday = Morning run.  If you were following along at home, I dubbed Sunday night “Sugar Sunday.”  I was really feeling that when I woke up Monday morning, I felt sluggish and slow and just…  ugh.  It was pretty cold too, I was under-dressed!  3 miles.
Tuesday = Yoga DVD at home.  I say this every time, but I LOVE yoga and need a reminder that I should try it every day.  It just feels great.  Oh, and for as long as I practice yoga, Happy Baby will always be my favorite pose.
Wednesday = 3 miles. It was my 2nd time visiting Fleet Feet Chicks Night. There were less people there this time, and I had dinner plans right after, so I kept it a short run.  Great to talk to people and get to know some more runners.  I ended up with a FAST group, and they were all going further than me.  Did the last 1.5 on my own, so I slowed down my pace a bit, but still was an ok run.  I wasn’t feeling very great all day, but it wasn’t bad.
Weigh In Wednesday 2.15.12: MAINTAIN  No change here, so that’s good.  Getting close to goal!
Thursday = DOR plus…  SICK.  😦
Friday = DOR #2.  Another sick day.  Congestion, sore throat, not good for running.
Saturday = 5 miles outside. I pulled the trigger, and decided to go ahead and join the  CARA Training program again.  All night Friday and in to Saturday morning, I was still doubtful of going.  I wasn’t feeling great, and it was COLD.  But, it’s amazing how spending money can motivate you to get out the door.  So, I bundled up and headed off to Montrose Beach.  I joined the 12:00 minute group again.  It is all new people in the group.  I recognized a few faces but not many.  As we headed out for the first 1/2 mile, I wasn’t feelin’ it, the first 10 minutes are always the WORST.  My chest was tight, and my nose was runny.  Blech.  However, it turns out that I was going faster than the rest of the group.  One of the pacers ran with me and said that we were doing about 11 minutes.  🙂  So, speed is improving.  Next week is going to be 6 miles, I’m going to try it with the 11:30 group and see how that goes.
Sunday = 30 minutes on the arc trainer, and weights.  WORST upper body strength ever!  Gotta work on that next.


Food Log: Phat Paczki Tuesday

Paczki.  Not pack-zi.  Pounch-key.  Jelly donut with a Polish accent.  Delicious.  When I was a kid, Fat Tuesday meant fast food.  A Big Mac, or some other burger, fries, shake, the whole nine yards of indulgence.  Saying good bye to Valentine’s candy, and preparing to fast.  As I got older, Fat Tuesday meant Hangover Wednesday.  Since I’ve moved to Chicago, Fat Tuesday is the day to scope out the best baked goods from the homiest bakeries.  This year was no exception. However, this year I ended up buying a few, and bringing them in to work, just for a little taste.  I did completely OD this week, I had a lot of junk and candy, but it’s all about learning from mistakes (even intentional mistakes) and moving on.

B:1 serving lower sugar oatmeal, 1 tsp olive oil, 1 cup skim milk (6PPs)
S: 1/4 apple paczki, 1/4 cherry packzi (Not sure how to really track these but I said 8PPs)
L: 1 Lasagna Roll Up, 1 medium orange (7PPs)
D: Salad with 1Tsp olive oil, 2 pieces of Whole Grain Wasa, 1 low fat colby cheese stick (5PPs)
Fat Tuesday Freak Out 24oz Ranger IPA, the rest of a bag of Asian snack mix, gummy grapefruits, and a chocolate caramel heart.  I did not track any of this.  It would have been 28PPs.
APs: 1 for yoga.

All of this left me feeling pretty yucky.  And today I have a sore throat.  Wah.


Food Log: Monday 2.20

I’m finding it really hilarious that I’ve decided to log and share a week of food, and it’s been a TERRIBLE week.  Just lots of junk.  This was sort of redemption Monday, I had fruits and veggies and lots of water, but still feeling sluggish.

B:1 Nutrigrain waffle, 1tsp sunflower oil, 1tbsp maple syrup, 1 banana, 1 cup skim milk (6PPs)
S: Aldi Fruit Crisps (5PPs)
L: 1 Lasagna Roll Up (7PPs)
D: Salad with 1Tsp olive oil, 3 pieces of Whole Grain Wasa, 1 wedge Laughing Cow cheese (5PPs)
Coffee break! Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte (2PPs).
DessertToo much candy. A cupcake. A piece of chocolate. Stress desserts. Oy. I count like 18PPs. What ever it was, it’s too many.
APs: 2 for my run. I’m getting less activity “points” now that I am losing more weight.  Not the biggest fan of that!

Total: 25 DPs (2 under my target).  But I’m also -2 on the week, so…


Capital City Half Marathon Training: Week 1

Yes, it’s true.  I’ve decided to train for the Capital City Half Marathon.  The capital city in question being my home town of Columbus, OH. A few friends at home have been thinking of doing it, and it worked out that the 12 weeks of training started this week. I was just about ready for a new “plan” so it worked out pretty well.

Cow Town

Monday = 3.2 miles on the TM. This week was been wacky at work so I had time in the middle of the day to pop to the gym. 40 minutes for 3.2 miles.
Tuesday = 30 Day Shred. Usually a yoga day, but I had plans after work. Got a good workout in, but I think after long last, it’s time to move on to Level 2!
Wednesday = 4 miles. I decided to check out the Fleet Feet Chicks Night run. It was fun! Seemed like a nice group of women, and I liked checking out a new path along the river. Felt great to be with a larger group, safety in numbers and all that. Planned on 3 but did 4 to stay with the group I was with. And when we got back… COOKIES! 🙂 Will definitely do this one again.
Weigh In Wednesday 2.15.12: -2.6 Two big weeks in a row.
Thursday = Decided to do 30 minutes of Wii step during Parks and Rec. 🙂
Friday = 3 miles.  Really good outside run. Weather was GREAT. Incredibly warm for February.
Saturday = 4 miles outside. Decided to run the river path again. Was a good run, and another beautiful day. My pace was REALLY fast, 10:45 so want to work on slowing up a bit to keep my pace/endurance up. I am wondering how the longer runs will go if I’m on my own… I’m broke and can’t afford another CARA Training program right now. 😦
Sunday = 30 minutes on the elliptical!

I’m looking forward to it, C-Bus!