Running makes me… crazy.

Greetings from another snowy Ohio day.  I’m popping in to write about something that I (thankfully) haven’t had much cause to discuss recently.  But that has reared it’s ugly head over the past few days and I need to put out there.

My little friend…. ANXIETY.  It comes out of nowhere.  It wrecks havoc on all sorts of things.  And this week, it has taken out my immune system, my ability to think rationally about everyday activities, my self esteem, etc. etc. etc.  And this affects my eating, my working out, my mood.

After tossing and turning and hiding under covers and sitting up in the middle of the night to just THINK about what you might be doing wrong is not fun.  So my promises to myself ( which I want to also give to the ones I love so much) include getting back to basics, and remembering that I deserve this happy life!

This morning, that means sitting at work with a calendar, lined paper, and making a to-do list that I know I can accomplish.  It’s thinking day to day, while remembering the big picture, it’s breathing, it’s focusing on one thing, it’s acknowledging this anxiety, and dealing with it as best i can.

Long run scheduled tomorrow = 13 miles.  Head cold has kept me off my feet since a 2.85 fevered run on Tuesday that I sweated my way through.  I am going to wake up tomorrow and see how I feel.  At the very least, I’d like to get in the 6 mile run that some of our group will be doing, but I also don’t want to push it.  Running makes me crazy because I often can’t tell the difference between “don’t want to” and “really should not” when it comes to sickness.  one foot forward, as they say, and one decision at a time.


Week 7 Plan

Week 7 Running Plan

Monday 2/10 DOR
Tuesday 2/11 3 miles (I got in 2.8)
Wednesday 2/12 DOR – Lots of post-work errands to run.
Thursday 2/13 4 miles (Meetup Group. I say that every week)
Friday 2/14 5 or 6 miles outside (Day off work!)
Saturday 2/15 3 miles (Treadmill after work)
Sunday 2/16 13 miles Long Run (ugh, and then I have to WORK!)

Weekly Dinner Plan
Tuesday Red Lentil Soup: I got the recipe from the bag of lentils. This is my first time making lentil soup. It turned out ok, but my brother (also my kitchen guide and worst critic) immediately said they were over cooked. Oh well, it tasted good and filled me up!
Wednesday Cheeseburgers. That someone else is making for me for dinner. 🙂
Thursday Taco Night! These Bayless sauces are great, and I’m using Laura’s Lean Ground Beef.
Friday Theater Night! And maybe dinner? This is my only night off this week, I think I want to make it a good one.
Saturday TBA – I have to work all day!
Sunday TBA – I have to work all day!


Week 6 Recap

Week 6 in reveiw

Monday 2/3 DOR – I rested.  It was great!
Tuesday 2/4 3 miles + Strength @ gym in morning – I was running late.  1 mile plus one strength circuit at the gym.  Glad I got that in, the evening snow DID come for us!
Wednesday 2/5 6 miles (Potential snow storm…) – 2 miles on the track, 2 miles on the treadmill, 2 miles on the track.  Met my running buddy, and we got it done!
Thursday 2/6 3 miles (Meetup?) – Skipped.  Took a DOR and went to a poetry reading instead!
Friday 2/7 DOR – 2.5 miles on the treadmill at the gym.
Saturday 2/8 3 miles (Outside) – Had some unexpected plans come up, more important than training, so I didn’t get this one in.
Sunday 2/9 12 miles Long Run – DONE!

twelve mile run with snow
Snowy 12

Weekly Dinner Plan
Tuesday Chicken Orzo Salad – Turned out great.  Made too much even!
Wednesday Cheesey Quinoa Muffins – Made, loved.  Still have some in the freezer!
Thursday Mini Turkey Meatloaves with Maple Greenbeans – I made these Tuesday evening and got to leave some out for my brother to have after shoveling snow!
Friday Dinner & a Movie 🙂 – Last minute-ish plans to go out for that same brother’s birthday!
Saturday Spaghetti Pie – Forgot about dinner party plans, went to Potbelly’s for a Hammie!
Sunday Hummus Pizzas – Been dreaming this up, if it’s successful, I’ll post a recipe! Made Spaghetti Pie.  And it was DELISH.

I am happy about most of the choices I made this week, and I feel like my grocery budget was on track, too.  I didn’t have a lot of food that I didn’t use, even though I threw away about 1/4th of the orzo salad today.  Having a plan (while being flexible) does help.  I need to remember that!


Week Six Training Plan

Week 6 Running Plan

Monday 2/3 DOR
Tuesday 2/4 3 miles + Strength @ gym in morning
Wednesday 2/5 6 miles (Potential snow storm…)
Thursday 2/6 3 miles (Meetup?)
Friday 2/7 DOR
Saturday 2/8 3 miles (Outside)
Sunday 2/9 12 miles Long Run

Weekly Dinner Plan
Tuesday Chicken Orzo Salad
Wednesday Cheesey Quinoa Muffins
Thursday Mini Turkey Meatloaves with Maple Greenbeans
Friday Dinner & a Movie 🙂
Saturday Spaghetti Pie
Sunday Hummus Pizzas – Been dreaming this up, if it’s successful, I’ll post a recipe!


Cleveland Marathon Training Weeks One-Five

Officially official!  (Even though I have not registered yet…)
I am now registered for the Cleveland Marathon!  This is week three of training, I have been pretty much sticking to my goals, and I am happy to be back running with an organized group.  I signed up for marathon training with Front Runner.  FR is a small running store (two locations in the central Ohio area), and their schedule and mission seemed to align with my race goals.

Week One 12.30-1.05

Long Run: 6 miles. It was our first long group run. Tough to get up so early, and it was cold, but it was definitely good to be back with a group.

Week Two 1.06-1.12

Long Run: 7 miles. A little tougher this time around, but the weather was a little warmer!

Week Three 1.13-1.19

Long Run: 8 miles. I did this one solo on Saturday. This was one of those weeks where my Saturday night plans trumped my getting up at 6am Sunday morning plans. Went to a craft beer festival and then a birthday party, so the long run got done in the morning. Not a bad day!

Week Four 1.20-1.26

Long Run: [planned] 10 miles. We got cancelled because of snow and wind today. Never quite made up this long run because we’ve had arctic temperatures.

Week Five 1.27-2.02

Long Run: 11 miles. This one was rough. After over a week off of the long runs, and not a lot of chance to run outside, we slogged through this one in freezing cold rain. Total was about 10.5, but hopefully we are back on track.

Moving Forward

I think that making a plan is where I’ve been lacking.  I have stopped making running plans, grocery plans and meal plans, and I am really feeling like I have lost my anchor.  Time to get it back.  This starts Week Six of training.  Sunday’s long run is 12 miles.  It’s already a bad sign that I can’t remember much of the previous weeks, so it’s time to get back to bloggin’!  Keep an eye on me, friends!