Capital City Half Marathon Training (x2): Week 2

Monday = Yoga DVD in the morning.  60 crunches/15 pushups/0:00:45 plank.  3.3 Miles on dinner break.
Tuesday = Sick.  Day 1.  Nada.
Wednesday = Sick.  Day 2.  Nada.
Weigh In Wednesday – Didn’t happen.  😦
Thursday = Well, I walked to the train…  Does that count?
Friday = 3.4 miles on the TM after work.  70 crunches/20 pushups/0:01:00 plank.  Wowzers that one minute plank is killer.
Saturday = Walked to the movies, about 1.8 miles.  Today was a group running day, but I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping.  Friday night I was in PJs by 9pm, in bed before 11, awake until after midnight, and awake again at 3 a.m.  I took some NyQuil around 4:30 and ended up sleeping until almost 11:00.  Whatever this bug is, it just doesn’t want to leave.
Sunday = I brought my gym clothes with me, to try and do some time on the elliptical after work today.  Last night was another difficult one, sleepwise, and I’m still pretty wiped out.  If anything, I want to fit in my Saturday “Fab Ab” exercises, and get in some wall slides and chair squats when I get home.

My wish for next week is to complete 3 runs: Tuesday night sees the triumphant return of CARA’s Six Series, with the Six Leaf Clover runs!  Yay, can’t wait!  Also, I want to get to Fleet Feet’s Chick’s night because it’s being sponsered by SmartWool and I could use some new socks.  Hoping to feel well enough for 3-5 miles out of each run.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, and send me healthy vibes!


End of the grocery week… a recap.

Seriously, I picked the worst week to investigate my shopping, eating and cooking habits!  I came down with a terrible cold (as if you haven’t already heard me whining about it all week long), and didn’t have much of an appetite.  Sad face.

I still have a lot of food left over, but it’s the kind of food that still needs to be turned in to something…  mainly, vegetables.

About to be roasted...
About to be roasted…

Potatoes are the BEST!  These little guys, who not an hour ago had been shriveling and starting to sprout it my kitchen, are now a delicious side dish covered in garlic and rosemary.  I scrubbed em, cut off the eyes, diced them up, and roasted them to heck.  I am eating them with the last of the flautas and half an avocado.

What’s left from Saturday:
1/2 bag snow peas
Jalapeno pepper (have to find it..)
1/2 zucchini
1 apple
1/2 cucumber
1/2 avocado
Most of the kale
3 clementines
At least 1/2 the bag of mini sweet peppers
Canned & bottled
1 can black beans
Soy sauce
Dry goods
4 pouches BetterOats Oat Fit Oatmeal
Instant brown rice
Dairy, etc.
2 yogurts (1 at home 1 at work)
Cheese (reduced fat cheddar & pepper jack)
1/2 block tofu
Morningstar Farms Veggie patties (x3) – Untouched

Additional leftovers: Stir Fry (for some reason it sounds so unappetizing)
Cooked farro (lots)
Sweet potato bisque
About 1 serving of the black bean filling from the flautas

Purchases this week:
Saltines, ginger ale, almond milk, bananas and rice crackers from Trader Joe’s.

Ideas for next week: Not many, hopefully re-gaining appetite and energy to get back in to training.


Friday Eats.

I worked a full day today!  Right now I am totally wiped out, and I am going to bed very soon, but I did manage to go out and get to work.  It even *snowed* and I went to work.  I was waiting for a medal, but instead I rewarded myself with lots of JUNK.

Breakfast 4PPs

1/2 serving Peanut Butter Cheerios 2PPs
1/2 serving Kashi GoLean cereal 2PPs
1/2 banana 0PPs
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk 0PPs
All from fridge/pantry.  (Very on low almond milk.)

Second Breakfast [meep] 17PPs

Nutella croissant 7PPs
Medium skim latte 3PPs
Cinnamon roll 7PPs
Clearly, we have ourselves a little… breakdown in willpower here. I took the Metra to work today, stopped at the market and bought a Kind Bar and a banana for later, and decided to use my free Latte card. And also to just what the heck go ahead and indulge. In the best way… A nutella croissant. It was absolutely worth every bite, and probably is higher in points than I am tracking it. (I tracked it as a chocolate filled croissant.) Anyway, after this week, and the past few weeks, I’ve been working a lot with one professor at school and when I got to my desk, she called to tell me she had a “thank you” treat for me. For me! A cinnamon roll! A really delicious cinnamon roll. Which I then devoured. And no, I wasn’t really that hungry. Sometimes, will power is exhausting.

Lunch 5PPs

KIND Cherry cashew dark chocolate bar 5PPs (let’s be honest, this was just a glorified candy bar.
2 cuties 0PPs
I ruined my appetite!

Dinner 6PPs

FINALLY!  Some vegetables...
FINALLY! Some vegetables…

2 tsp olive oil 2PPs
Veggies: Kale, radishes, cucumber, zucchini, sweet peppers, red onion, salt & pepper 0PPs
Black bean filling 2PPs
1/4 cup cooked farro 2PPs
So, tonight, after 3 days, I ate dinner. After work, I did a light-ish 3.3 miles on the treadmill, still felt pretty crummy, but I was getting cagey and restless. As a result of working out, I was hungry when I got home, so I was happy that I could pull that simple meal together.
Days without meat: 10
Craving: Cheese
Feeling: Sleeeeeepy.

Normally tomorrow is grocery day, but I still have a lot of food left, and since it’s the end of the month I’m getting a little low on funding anyway. I don’t like leftovers much but I don’t like waste either. Tomorrow I’ll write up a post about what I have left, and a brief meal plan with what I have left.


Thursday Eats

Went to the Walgreens Take Care Clinic today.  Was really impressed with how quickly I could be seen, I was in and out in no time.  I just had to go to work today, I was getting stir crazy at home, and not feeling any better while I was there.

Breakfast 6PPs

Bombay breakfast 6PPs
All from fridge/pantry.  (Low on almond milk.)

Lunch 4PPs

1/2 cup Kashi GoLean cereal 2PPs
1 Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt, Lemon 2PPs
From the grocery. Really really (really) not hungry.

Snack 8PPs

15 Saltines 5PPs
1 oz cheese 3PPs
Just was not up for much food today.

Dinner 7PPs

15 Saltines 5PPs
Ginger ale 2PPs
Not.  Hungry.
I’m sure there were other things I snacked on during the day, but I can’t remember what… Seriously, this is not the best week for me to be recording my meals! Sorry, friends.
I did try something new from Trader Joe’s:

10 Minute Farro
10 Minute Farro

It was cheap and I wanted some alternative to brown rice. This has similar nutrition information. It cooks up fast, but I ended up making the whole bag and that was not necessary. Next time I will do it by serving. This was one more thing I made and then didn’t want, so I have a lot of it to go through this weekend.



Wednesday eats… a little better.

Another day at home.  My head is full of fuzz.  Maybe allergies?  I don’t know but I’m a space cadet.

Breakfast 7PPs

BetterOats Oat Fit Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal 3PPs
1/2 bag Trader Joe’s “Just a Handful” roasted unsalted almonds 3PPs
2 dried dates, diced 1PPs
1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce 0PPs
All from fridge/pantry.

Lunch 11PPs

2 servings of black bean flautas 7PPs
1 serving roasted potatoes 4PPs
All leftovers from Sunday prep day.

Snack 2PPs

3 pizzelle cookies 2PPs
Forgot to mention that these pizzelles were a gift this week, so not purchased! So far, the only food money spent this week was on saltines, ginger ale and cough drops. Are these things really “food”?

Dinner 2PPs

Tofu Stir Fry 2PPs

Stir Fry Prep!
Stir Fry Prep!

I had vegetables that I needed to cook from Sunday’s grocery trip. Not pictured above = Extra firm tofu.

How I stir fry (off the cuff):

  • If you’re using tofu, start with that. Drain and press between 2 paper towels.
  • Chop what ever veggies you have in the fridge. Today’s options included:
    • Onions
    • Peppers
    • Carrots
    • Snow Peas
    • Zucchini
  • Heat 1tsp oil in skillet (or if you’re lucky, a seasoned wok)
  • Add peppers and onions, stir and cook 2-3 mins.  Sprinkle with ginger powder, or add ginger if you have it (sadly I did not)
  • Add carrots and a dash of soy sauce, stir and cook 2 minutes
  • Add snow peas and a dash of soy sauce, stir and cook 2 minutes
  • Add zucchini and tofu and another turn of soy sauce, stir and cook until heated through
  • Today, I also added a drizzle of teryaki sauce at the end, sprinkled on the rest of the almonds I had at breakfast because I didn’t want them hanging around, and about 1/8 cup of water at the end.  I scrapped the bottom of the pan, put a lid on, and removed from heat to let everything steam together.

In the Weight Watchers Calculator, this (which I divided in to 4 servings) comes out to 2PPs. To be totally honest, this is possible because I sometimes don’t add my 0PPs foods in to the recipe builder. This is probably totally cheating, but I don’t do it… If you add the ingredients, your numbers may change. It works for me and I’m sticking to it.
Here is everything ready to go. Dinner, freezer (x2) and lunch one day this week.

Stir Fry!
Stir Fry!

Sadly, after I made this stir fry and portioned it out, I really didn’t want it. My appetite has been up and down the past few days, so I picked out some tofu bits and threw the rest away. I had some Peanut Butter Cheerios (3PPs) but I think ginger ale and water are the only remaining eats on agenda tonight.


Tuesday “eats”

Looks like I picked the wrong week to start food bloggin’. Because after feeling wishy-washy on Monday, I was REALLY not feeling well yesterday. It is almost not worth tracking my eats, because they’re kind of pathetic, and I feel that tracking while sick defeats the purpose, but here goes nothin’.

Breakfast 6PPs

I revisited Bombay breakfast today, extra cardamom. Nothing exciting here, just oatmeal, but it’s my ultimate comfort food. All from the pantry.

Lunch 3PPs

1 cup Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Bisque. 3PPs
This had been in the pantry for awhile and I needed some soup. It was ok, not great.

Snack 4PPs

Cup of peppermint tea 0PPs
6 pizzelle cookies 4PPs
Pizzelles remind me of my grandma, home, and Christmas time. Another comfort food.

“Dinner” 13PPs

Saltine crackers… approximately 32 crackers 11PPs
8oz Ginger Ale 2PPs
Yeah, tracking while sick, not really worth it. I didn’t have much appetite yesterday after breakfast, so I grazed on crackers, ginger ale and pizzelles most of the day. I did have a few cuties at some point too, but they didn’t taste right and kinda flip flopped my tummy. The rest of the day was spent dozing on the sofa. Boo hooo!


Monday Eats (or why I’ll never be a food blogger)

Monday Monday Monday.  Monday is my late day at work, so I usually enjoy a leisurely morning.  This Monday might have been too leisurely, or maybe not leisurely enough.  I felt strange when I woke up Monday morning, around 8:00.  Scratchy throat, a little dizzy, and this strange sensation like someone was pushing full force on my shoulders, pressing my whole body down.  In a sense, I just didn’t feel…. right.

I chalked it up to “Mondays” and got my day started.  I will never be a food blogger because I keep forgetting to take lovely arty pictures of my eats, which has been defeating the purpose, but oh well.  I still want to let you know what I’ve been eating and how the grocery dollar is stretching!

Breakfast 6PPs

1/2 cup Quick Oats 4PPs
1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1PPs
Frozen mango 0PPs
1 tbsp maple syrup 1PPs
My very favorite Rachel Ray inspired Bombay Breakfast!
All ingredients for this were from the pantry/freezer.

Commuting Snack 2PPs

1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1PPs
1 tbsp slivered almonds 1PPs
1/2 banana 0PPs
1/2 cup frozen peaches 0PPs
2-3 drops almond extract 0PPs
From the pantry/fridge: almond milk, almonds, peaches
From the grocery list: banana

Lunch 9PPs

1/2 cup cooked brown rice 3PPs
1 serving cauliflower chick pea curry 6PPs
This chickpea curry was something I made when I had a head of cauliflower to get rid of. It was not my favorite recipe, and oddly no matter how much curry powder I added, it still tasted bland. This was a selection from the freezer, with the rice coming from the grocery trip.

Dinner 9PPs

2 Servings Black bean filling 4PPs
2 corn tortillas 3PPs
1/2 avocado 2PPs
All of this was a product of the Sunday prep, Black Bean Flautas. The tortillas stayed crispy which was surprising.

Snacks (you may not want to look here) 14PPs

Dunkin Donuts Cinnamon Cake Donut 10PPs <–yes, that's right, TEN.
Mini Milky Way candy bars x4 4PPs
Obviously, neither of these were from my pantry or my grocery trip. They were from the candy basket at work, and the lovingly purchased and shared dozen donuts. My will power has been low recently, but add on to that feeling not-so-hot, and you have moments where donuts are the only answer (but they’re really not).
So, most food was from the pantry/freezer/grocery, and what wasn’t came from work!
No pictures, but you know what a meltdown in the shape of a donut looks like, so I’ll spare you.