RnR Nashville Training: Week 13

Hello! Remember when I was all about the WARM WEATHER we got last week?  Guess what?  It’s SNOWING right now. Good thing I haven’t packed away those layers quite yet.

Week 13
Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spin
Wednesday: Hills.  I have to say, I REALLY did not want to run at all tonight.  This is where accountability comes in.  On Wednesday nights, I meet a few running buddies and we suffer our hill workouts together.  There are at least 3 of us who meet, and this week one person was out of town. So I had one friend waiting for me after I got done with work. I can’t even explain how badly I wanted to cancel.  But just knowing he was there made me show up anyway. We did compromise, and only run about half of our regular workout,  but the point is, I did SOMETHING.
Thursday: Morning Yoga. Great way to start a few days off.
Friday: Got a few miles in, felt pretty good. It was really humid, but the weather was cool.
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: 20. TWO-ZERO. TWENTY MILES. 2×10. WE GOT IT OUT OF THE WAY.  There comes a time in any training plan where you just think… I am NEVER going to make it to that. I CAN’T DO THAT. But this weekend, with the help of a great group of runners, we DID it.  We talked, we grimaced, we laughed, and we got each other through what is traditionally the toughest run of a training schedule.

I am happy to have it behind me.  My brain was a little fuzzy after the run yesterday, and I have some aches and pains today, but I am really happy to be over the mental hurdle of saying “I can’t do that.”  In terms of recovery, I am thinking I might opt for a yoga class tomorrow instead of spin, but we’ll see how I feel when I wake up.  Less than 5 weeks to go!


RnR Nashville Training: Week(s) 11-12

Two words: WARM WEATHER! We have emerged from winter!  Now, I know that doesn’t meant we are out of the woods in terms of snow. I know it’s not technically spring. And I know it might get worse before it gets better, but post-daylight savings time, we have had some glorious days for running. It’s making me feel so much better!

Week 11
Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spin
Wednesday: Hills – In the snow. A lot of snow. We probably had an inch just while we were out for an hour and a half.
Thursday: Yoga session at work. Had a late day so I had to miss my regular yoga class, but once a month one of my coworkers comes in to do a 30 minute session at lunch.  It is AWESOME. But somehow, this time around, I managed to jack up my shoulder royally.
Friday: DOR – but I got maybe a 10th of a mile in while I was running on the TM test driving some new shoes
Saturday: DOR – Wedding
Sunday: Um. I skipped my long run today. I just couldn’t even.  I was at my cousin’s wedding all night, and paired with daylight savings, I just… nope.  I stayed in bed until noon.

Week 12
Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spin class – my shoulder has been jacked up for days, but I used the weights anyway. Probably not a smart idea.
Wednesday: 8 miles! 8 miles of hills! All in daylight hours!  Amazing!
Thursday: Yoga class.
Friday: Headed outside in the rain to test out my new shoes. 4 miles
Saturday: DOR – stress bucket of a day at work!
Sunday: 12 miles. Why have 12 miles felt so difficult this time around?! It was fine for the first 8 and then the last for just killed me. But now it’s done and we’re on to bigger chunks of time next week.



Food and Fitness Plan 2015 Week 10

Last week was good! Had a great weigh in and I felt pretty good about my meal plan. Exercise, not so much. I skipped my long run on Sunday and slept until noon… Back on track this week, though!

Monday: 3 Bean Chili
Tuesday: Cheeseburger Hashbrown Cups
Wednesday: Eggs In Purgatory
Thursday: Buffalo Chicken Tacos
Friday: TBD
Saturday: TBD
Sunday: Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli (?) – maybe I’ll attempt that again 🙂

Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spin Class
Wednesday: Yoga DVD + 8 miles of hill workouts!
Thursday: Yoga class
Friday: 2-3 TM miles (or outside depending on weather)
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: 12 mile long run

On Friday I went to a new running store for a fundraising event. Got a pretty good fitting, and left with a new pair of shoes! Can’t wait to start breaking them in!


Food and Fitness Plan 2015 Week 9

Guys! I made a meal plan! I am going to stick to it! Or do my very best to try!

Monday: Bean & Cheese enchiladas
Tuesday: Chicken and Orzo
Wednesday: Pizza Bubble Up casserole
Thursday: Pizza at work event (there’s no such thing as too much pizza)
Friday: Chicken Tikka Masala
Saturday: My cousin is getting married… Wedding food.
Sunday: Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli (?)

Monday: DOR (my long run left me exhausted)
Tuesday: Yoga DVD + Spin Class (I need a good stretch to start the morning!)
Wednesday: 8 miles of hill workouts!
Thursday: Yoga DVD
Friday: 2 TM miles
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: 12 mile long run (a cut back week!)

I am really excited for Daylight Savings Time this upcoming week, I am ready to start my long runs in the sunshine!

I ran 15.5 miles  yesterday, and it went back and forth between snow, freezing rain, and snow all day.  I could barely see for most of the run, but I survived and it!



RnR Nashville Training Week 10

Can’t believe it, but I’ve made it through ten weeks now! As the weeks to race day are getting shorter, I’m planning on sneaking in a short recovery run on Mondays. I also want to better commit myself to yoga now that my travelling is behind me. Here is last week’s recap:
Monday: DOR
Tuesday:Spin. I hate missing this class. It’s definitely a highlight of my week, and the time when I get the most cardio in. Wednesday:  7 mile hill workout. We got in 3 hill repeats after work.
Thursday: DOR. I finally went to weigh in and face up to the 17lbs I’ve gained from goal. Stayed after my meeting and talked to the leader about myself, my goals, my training, and got some good advice on getting back to a reasonable goal. Missed yoga but had errands to run for the week.
Friday:DOR – out of town.
Saturday: DOR – out of town.
Sunday: I’m in the car driving back from visiting BF’s family and going on a charity bar crawl. I plan on getting my 16 mile run in once we get home, and I kept that in the back of my mind all day yesterday. I am sleepy today, and it’s snowing like crazy, but I really want to get it done!


RnR Nashville Training: Week(s) 7-9

Time for even more catch-up.  I seem to have hit my midseason breaking point where I needed to step away and take a little break.  The break was necessary, but I definitely felt it in my bones last night when I got back on the treadmill last night!

Week 7
Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spin
Wednesday: Hills
Thursday: Yoga – Our regular instructor was out of town and the sub was really nervous! Not a very relaxing class, but fine nonetheless.
Friday: DOR
Saturday: DOR early morning presentation for work
Sunday: 12 miles. This was our first meeting at one of the toughest courses with my running group. I didn’t sleep well the night before, I drank too much, I overslept, and the course was icy. I complained the entire run. It was not at all pretty.

Week 8
Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spin class
Wednesday: Snowy hill workout
Thursday: DOR
Friday: Treadmill run 3 miles
Saturday: DOR – vacation
Sunday: DOR- I planned to run in Chicago but there was a lot of snow and it was freezing. So I took some time off.
Week 9
Monday: Vacation
Tuesday: Vacation
Wednesday: Vacation
Thursday: I decided to atone for my weekend indulgences and hit the treadmill instead of going to Weight Watchers. Went to a challenging yoga class after, a good day!
Friday:3 mile walk on the treadmill – the weather report was predicting snow for Saturday, so I decided to get some activity in before getting stuck.
Saturday:We got all the snow! Stayed home and got caught up on tv.
Sunday:14 miles in the powdery snow. What a mess! It was really a struggle, probably the most physically challenging runs I’ve had in ages. Felt great when it was over, but what a struggle.