Food and Fitness Plan Week #11

Fully recovered from the race, and feeling really good!  It’s also my favorite time of year, we have a few warm and beautiful days left to enjoy the blazing leaves before they’re all gone.  It’s also one of my favorite times to run, even though it’s dark in the morning AND dark after work.  Pretty soon, it will be headlamp and mitten time (or treadmill time) so for now I am enjoying my outdoor running!

I have a half marathon recap in my mind to get out there, but wanted to plan the week ahead first.  I also want to write a new post about joining The Movement at my local Fleet Feet.  But I have so many thoughts about it that it deserves it’s own post too.


Monday: breakfast ~Cinnamon Almond Protein Cheerios
lunch ~ scrambled eggs and peppers
dinner ~ my cookbook club is having a halloween-themed meeting on monday.  I am making “scary slow-cooked chili” from one of our cookbook choices.

Tuesday: breakfast ~overnight oats, apple
lunch ~ mexican tuna salad lettuce cups
dinner ~ buffalo chicken quinoa bake (i froze leftovers but can’t stop thinking about it)

Wednesday: breakfast ~  weight watchers cereal
lunch ~ chili leftovers
dinner ~ beef orzo feta

Thursday: breakfast ~ steel cut oats, fruit
lunch ~ orzo leftovers, salad
dinner ~ slow cooker buffalo chicken also, trick or treat night.  hopefully i won’t eat ALL the candy

Friday: breakfast ~brownie muffin, banana
lunch ~ easy lo mein
dinner ~ something pre-halloween party

Saturdaybreakfast ~ cereal, fruit
lunch ~buffalo chicken salad
dinner ~ out to dinner?

Sunday: breakfast ~ oatmeal, apple
lunch ~ work leftovers
dinner ~ lasagna roll ups


Monday: DOR – walk at dinner
Tuesday: spin before work – walk at dinner
Wednesday: 3 mile morning run
Thursday: weigh-in day.  3 mile easy run
Friday: noon spin class
Saturday: DOR – walk at lunch
Sunday: core class @ fleet feet


Food and Fitness Plan Week #10

Yesterday was the Columbus Marathon/Half Marathon and it turned out to be a beautiful day!  I ran my 8th Half, and have a new PR of 2:28:16!  I am very proud of that this week.  Full race recap will come soon.  I am also happy that I have made a plan for this week because it is another weird one, schedule-wise and social life wise.  I will be taking it easy, fitness-wise, and try to figure out what my non-training running schedule is going to be next week!


Monday: breakfast ~Cinnamon Almond Protein Cheerios (try these, trust me!)
lunch ~leftover Hot Chicken (this was my post-race meal, and it is SO GOOD.)
dinner ~Pumpkin Sausage Soup

Tuesday: breakfast ~overnight oats (maybe pumpkin flavored?), banana
lunch ~sweet potato & black bean filling with an egg scrambled in, apple
dinner ~ hearty vegetable curry

Wednesday: breakfast ~ new-to-me weight watchers cereal (they just started carrying these at my grocery store.  i bought a box of the oat clusters with almonds because it is 3PPs for 3/4cup.  have you tried them?), grapes
lunch ~ indian buffet with co-workers  i think i’m going with vegetable curry again – need to skip the buffet
dinner ~ easy taco pie

Thursday: breakfast ~pumpkin overnight oats, apple
lunch ~taco pie leftovers
dinner ~ salad with morningstar farms black bean burger

Friday: breakfast ~brownie muffin, banana
lunch ~ easy lo mein
dinner ~ probably out to dinner

Saturdaybreakfast ~ cereal, fruit
lunch ~lo mein leftovers at work
dinner ~ something related to hurrying home to watch football!

Sunday: breakfast ~egg and vegetable scramble
lunch ~lo mein or other leftovers at work
dinner ~celebrating my brother’s birthday with family!


Monday: DOR
Tuesday: yoga DVD
Wednesday: yoga DVD
Thursday: yoga at the gym
Friday:  weigh-in day. 3 mile easy run
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: run before work


Food and Fitness Plan Week #9: race week!

I did not make an official food and fitness plan for last week because it was so bonkers!  I was attending a conference the last half of the week, and I knew that life would be pretty unpredictable.  I tried to come prepared with fruit and snacks, but the lunch options got me, and I was wiped out when it came to fitness.  My weigh-in on Thursday reflected all of that, and I am hoping for this to be a better week.  In fact, it has to be!  This is RACE WEEK!


Monday: breakfast ~steel cut oats, banana, peanut butter
lunch ~cottage cheese, deli turkey, tomato slices
dinner ~kale salad, buffalo chik’n patty

Tuesday: breakfast ~chia pudding, berries, almonds
lunch ~buffalo chicken quinoa bake
dinner ~sweet potato & black bean tacos

Wednesday: breakfast ~chia pudding, berries, almonds
lunch ~buffalo chicken leftovers
dinner ~bubble up enchilada casserole

Thursday: breakfast ~chia pudding, berries, almonds
lunch ~sweet potato tacos 
dinner ~kale, quinoa and chicken salad

Friday: breakfast ~chia pudding, berries, almonds
lunch ~leftovers check (i’ll pack what i have left in the fridge)! 
dinner ~pasta dinner – race carbs!

Saturdaybreakfast ~brunch?
dinner ~bf is making baked lemon chicken with potatoes from his sopranos cookbook 🙂

Sunday: breakfast ~pre-race meal of choice recently: protein cheerios, almond milk, banana. have to be at the corrals pretty early so i might also bring a clif bar along 
dinner ~i will have to see how i feel after the day. if the weather holds out, i was hoping to get a drive in to see fall leaves. the day will be up in the air based on the race, though.


Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spinning
Wednesday: Speedwork after work
Thursday: Weigh-In Day. Yoga DVD before work.
Friday: 3 mile shakeout run before work.
Saturday: DOR + race expo!
Sunday: The Columbus [Half] Marathon!


Food and Fitness Plan Week #7

It’s after midweek, but I still need to hold myself accountable for what I have done and want to keep doing this week.  Weigh in day today.  No idea what to expect.  Had one of those days where I got ready for work, saw myself in the mirror, turned around and changed clothes….  Blech.


Monday: Leftover posole and jalapeno beer cornbread (and various bites at cookbook club)
Tuesday: Beef stew, cornmeal muffins and roasted asparagus
Wednesday: Out to dinner!  Wine and Thai. Can it get any better? Panang curry… not so Weight Watchers friendly.
Thursday: Northstar Cafe Square Meal after yoga
Friday: Prep day, this time I’ll try again to make a one pot pasta to have for lunches at work Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday: Pasta ?
Sunday: Bubble Up Pizza Casserole (I’m ALREADY EXCITED!)


Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spinning
Wednesday: Speedwork after work I had to skip the track for dumb reasons. 😦
Thursday: 30 minute run before work/Yoga after work
Friday: 1 hour run (5+ miles) on my day off
Saturday: Walk before/after work or on lunch break
Sunday: Twelve training miles (our last LONG long run!)