I Lost What…

SO, there is this calculator, which shows you the equivalent of the amount of weight you lost, in terms of a household item or common thing that you can visualize. You type in the amount of weight and get something like this:


I Lost What weight loss Calculator powered by ViSalus™.

48lbs!  The same as small dryer!  Lester Nygaard knows what I’m talkin’ about.  That’s something to be proud of.

So why is it giving me pause today?  Because I wrote a post 2 years ago about what it meant to lose 50lbs.  It was amazing, a huge accomplishment, and I was am very proud.  My starting weight will always be my benchmark, so to see the total loss go back in to the 40s instead of the 50s, and see a decade on the scale I always wanted to leave behind, that has been a huge wake up call.  And something I want to stop dwelling on and start acting on.

Frankly, after 2 years of maintenance, planning, and flexibility, I have forgotten what it means to lose weight, to be in the “mode” of weight loss.  THAT is what I’m looking for, and accountability is really what is lacking.  The Food & Fitness plans are helping me plan, and I think that recapping my week to see how I stuck to those plans is a good next step!

In other news, my most recent Weight Watchers meetings have been cancelled.  😦  I have an odd schedule where I work Monday and Tuesday afternoons & evenings, Wednesday and Thursday mornings & afternoons, and my weekends are all over the place.  Some weekends I work Saturday and Sunday, and have Friday off, some weekends I just work Saturdays and have Fridays and Sundays off, and some weekends I work Fridays and have the whole weekend off.  When you get in to switching shifts, it becomes an inconsistent schedule, so I try very hard not to attend meetings on those days.  First, I attended a 9:30am meeting on Tuesdays.  I did not feel any connection to the leader, and the members were all older retired women.  That meeting got cancelled.  I started attending another meeting at 9:30am on Tuesdays.  I liked the leader, but the members were all stay at home mothers.  That meeting got cancelled.  I started attending another meeting at 6:00pm on Thursdays.  I immediately liked the leader, and half the members were around my age.  I felt very good about this meeting.  And found out last week that it is being “consolidated” with another meeting at (the retired women) Weight Watchers Center a few miles away.   These few miles mean a lot more during my rush hour commute, not to mention the fact that my old meeting location was just down the street from my gym, where I attended yoga after every meeting.  I am very much a creature of habit, and I the lack of consistency is really testing my resolve.  I understand that Weight Watchers is a business first, and that when a meeting’s attendance drops, they want to maximize their returns, so consolidation makes logical sense.  But it has put some bumps in my maintenance because I feel unanchored.  I certainly can’t blame everything on the meetings, but it is certainly a factor.

In training news, things are going better.  I have been more consistent in the past few weeks with my spin classes, trying to do yoga, and I made it back to a speed workout last week.  That all added up to a better run on Sunday morning.  Isn’t it incredible that a 9 mile run can feel awful, while 11 feels like a warmup?  That was yesterday.  Waking up in the mornings will always be a struggle, but yesterday I was rewarded with this:


Those are my thoughts for now.  Let’s make this…. A POSITIVE WEEK!



Food and Fitness Plan Week #6

After last weekend at Put-In-Bay, I spent my entire week with a cold! That’s what happens when you put your body through the ringer! I didn’t get much activity in, but I FINALLY made it back to my training run yesterday. It was a scheduled 10, and I got 9 in. At the time, I felt bad about that, but now I’m glad I got out there. This week is going to be a weird one at work, but I think I’ve got everything figured out!


Monday: MorningStar Farms Buffalo Chik Patty, salad and leftover hummus and veggies
Tuesday: Creamy Dijon Chicken
Wednesday: Out to dinner!  Maybe Angry Bear Kitchen?
Thursday: Mexican Macaroni and Cheese
Friday:Lots of meal prep. Making Cincinnati chili for friends who have newborn twins at home, then making SkinnyTaste slow cooker applesauce to turn in to applesauce nut bread, and also a one pot pasta to have for lunches at work Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday: OKTOBERFEST! I’m getting a bratwurst and a cream puff!
Sunday: Something that BF makes during football? Or something that my mom makes during football?


Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Yoga after work
Wednesday: Speedwork after work
Thursday: Spinning before work
Friday: Six easy miles on my day off
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: Eleven training miles


Food and Fitness Plan Week #5

This weekend was a lot of fun. But this weekend was also a reminder that I need to be mindful in all my eating and drinking choices. I know that I drank more than was necessary to enjoy myself, and spent a lot of time worrying about every food & drink decision I was making. That is a distracting way to have a vacation, and I just revolted against all of my own concerns and completely over-indulged in every way. I did wake up on Saturday morning and run a few miles, but it was not the 10 my training plan called for. I am doing my best to forgive, and move on. Here is my plan for the week:


Monday: Leftover Chinese food that we ordered when we got back in to town last night.
Tuesday: Taco Soup from the crockpot
Wednesday: I am trying out the tuna salad used in THIS recipe, but don’t want to stuff the peppers or make the pickled onions right now.  I will serve it over lettuce.
Thursday: Spicy Black Bean Burger Salad
Friday: tbd


Monday: DOR – vacation recovery 😦
Tuesday: 9:30 Spin class – last week was a blast
Wednesday: Speedwork session with my running group
Thursday: Yoga class after Weight Watchers
Friday: 6 mile run after work
Saturday: 3 mile morning run
Sunday: 10 mile group run


Food and Fitness Plan Week #4


Monday: Subway 6″ ham on wheat, no cheese (7PPs). Also, a work potluck full of cookies.
Tuesday: Runner’s World Cookbook Pasta Bean Toss
Wednesday: Going out to dinner!  JOBU Ramen where I want to try the cold noodles, or maybe veg ramen!
Thursday: Southwestern salsa burgers and roasted potatoes


Monday: 9 mile run this morning
Tuesday: 9:30 Spin class if I get enough done tonight, 30 Day Shred if I don’t
Wednesday: Trying out a speedwork session with my running group
Thursday: Yoga class after Weight Watchers
Friday: 4-5 mile run pre-road trip
Saturday: 10 mile run on vacation (?!)
Sunday: DOR