Food & Fitness Plan 2016 Marathon Training Week 2

Monday: Bahn Mi Bowls w/pork (prepared in this style) with inspiration from Slender Kitchen and Budget Bytes. We make ours with quinoa, and I prefer red cabbage instead of greens, but honestly as soon as these things came in to my life, I wanted them every week. I was pretty disappointed that my local grocery store was out of Gardein! I usually use the mandarin “chicken” but there was ZERO Gardein in the case. BOO, KROGER!
Tuesday: Roasted Shrimp Salad & Superfood Salad
Wednesday: Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli and cauliflower rice (they FINALLY had some at Trader Joe’s
Thursday: Lentil soup (a la Alice Waters)
Friday: Concert downtown (Food Trucks!) My favorite local band is playing the summer kick-off at this Bike to Work Day event downtown.
Saturday: Grilling out – BF got us a fancy new grill, and he’s dying to fire it up. I’m not sure what we are having, but I think wings are on his menu. I know we also have shishito peppers so it might be a good time to cook those too.
Sunday: Pasta (a la Ruth Reichl) Monday is the day my cookbook club meets, and I like to test out a few recipes beforehand. Some selections include the “painless pasta for three” and the “spaghetti alla carbonara”. The Alice Waters soup recipe is for the same meeting. I am also attempting to make my own almond milk!

Monday: Cardio Sculpt – ouch.
Tuesday: Spin Class – OUCH.
Wednesday: 4 Miles with CRC & Yoga @ Balanced Yoga
Thursday: 3 Miles – A.M.
Friday: Yoga DVD – A.M.
Saturday: Walk
Sunday: 7 Miles


Erie Marathon Training: Week 1

Erie Marathon Training: Week 1

May 09- 15, 2016
Made it through Week One almost completely solo. Didn’t have as many group runs or weekly meet-ups this week due to a wonky schedule but made it through most of the workouts I had planned for the week.

 Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred L1
Tuesday: Spin Class
Wednesday:  3 mile run + yoga
Thursday: 3 mile run (with a little improvised trail running)
Friday: DOR – Skipped my planned run. Not a great way to get started!
Saturday: DOR – had to work and did not get a workout in. (Verbatim what I wrote last season – oooooops)
Sunday:  Long run – 6 miles (visited a new park & ran on a more technical trail – hence the elevation)

My next marathon is going to be the Erie Marathon, held on September 11. My BF’s family is in Erie, and it’s a short drive (less than 4 hours) from home. Since we will be staying with family, we are also planning on bringing our dog. Roxie (our rescue) is a total basketcase who can’t be boarded. She stayed with my brother when we were out of town for the KDF mini marathon a few weeks ago. She was fine for the first two days, but decided to completely destroy his house about an hour before we got home. I had no idea getting a dog would be so stressful. She is absolutely the sweetest thing in the world, but traveling has become way more difficult than it was before!

Three weeks after Erie, I am doing something WAY out of my comfort zone and joining a team of runners at the Buckeye Country Ragnar Trail Relay. I am incorporating trail runs in when I can, right now there is a group meeting on Sundays and running different Metro Parks so it’s a good experience to get in new terrain. The trail runs are way more challenging but also very rewarding!


Food & Fitness Plan 2016 Marathon Training Week 1

FIRST POST OF 2016. Yeah, I know. Majorly slacking here. I just finished up the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon on April 30. New Half Marathon PR of 2:27:27! I implemented a 5:1 run:walk interval, and felt great. Right now I have some knee pain, I am hoping that strength training will help with that this time around!

My next race is the Erie Marathon in Erie, PA. The race is on Sunday, September 11 and the course goes around Presque Isle. I am really looking forward to a clean slate and a new training plan!

Monday: Shredded chicken – using Honey Hot wing sauce
Tuesday: Steak Salad
Wednesday: Cheeseburger Casserole
Thursday: Volunteering (and eating) at Taste of Dine Originals
Friday: Heading to a launch party for the Columbus Ale Trail – a great booklet that encourages visits to breweries around Central Ohio. It’s at one of my favorite spots in town so we may grab a bite for Happy Hour
Saturday: TBD (Work 9-6)
Sunday: TBD (Work 12:3-5:30)

Monday: Cardio Sculpt – new to me class at my gym Felt sick all morning – ended up fitting in 30 Day Shred L. 1 before work
Tuesday: Spin Class
Wednesday: Speedwork (?) with CRC & Yoga @ Balanced Yoga
Thursday: 3 Miles – A.M.
Friday: Yoga
Saturday: 2 Miles – before work
Sunday: 6 Miles

Strength Training

I am working on a combined training schedule, incorporating a Monday strength day and possibly starting speedwork on Tuesdays.  I have been really attached to my spin class, but I also want to mix things up a bit this time around. I know I want to get stronger and healthier this time around, so I am looking for the right combo for me.

I have also signed up for the Ragnar Trail Relay this September. I am on a team of 8 and we have varying experience on trails. I feel pretty uneasy on trails still, but there is a group of people heading out on Sundays so I am hoping to get miles in that way. I don’t want to let trail training get in the way of road training because I don’t want to worry about injury, so we’ll see what happens!