Training Week 3: 11.18-11.24

Monday: DOR – Sunday turned in to a late night. Oops!

Tuesday: 2 mile run – Got in a quick run before my WW meeting. I like my reservoir route because it is easily adjustable to include hills. Not very long, but it could be a good 7-10 mile loop once I get in to longer runs.

Wednesday: DOR – Left my gym bag at home! D’oh. I was easily talked in to dinner with some friends, so this one was just not hard for me to blow off. I did manage to take a mile walk during my lunch break.

Thursday: 4 mile run – tested out all my after-dark running gear. Headlamp/Vest/Armband. It was chilly and rainy tonight.

Friday: 4 mile run – Another rainy day. I felt pretty sluggish today, and also ended up in an ankle deep puddle towards the end of the run, but I’m glad I got out there.

Saturday: DOR – Working today, not feeling so hot. Needed a solid day off.

Sunday: Cross training – Spin class tomorrow before work! I just found my shower shoes too, so I get the extra bonus experience of showering at the gym. ūüôā Hoping I feel better for spin and work tomorrow.

Also not too keen on these three DORs a week that keep popping up. Along with pushing myself a little more in spin class, my goal next week (even with the food-laden holiday) is to get in all of my runs. Dr.’s appointment on Tuesday morning, which requires fasting though, so there’s a guarenteed DOR right there!

Have a great week, everyone!


Training Week 2: 11.11-11.17

Monday: DOR ~ Morning Dr’s appointment before work.

Tuesday: 2 mile run – We got our first snow!¬† I went out for a trail run, it was a good ‘wake me up’ run!


Wednesday: 20 minute run РToday was a scheduled 1.5 mile run.  I decided to see what traffic is like in the mornings, and whether or not I could fit in a gym run before work.  So I ran 20 minutes on the track.  The answer = traffic is terrible, and yes I can fit it in if I wake up earlier!

Thursday: 3 mile run РSTACHE DASH.  Oh my goodness, this was a total blast!  It was a 3 mile timed run through one of my favorite neighborhoods.  It was sponsered by Fleet Feet Columbus, and started and ended at this great movie theater.  The theater recently remodeled, added 40 taps of craft beer, and started showing great movies.  The run ended with a free beer, a growler to fill with more beer, and mustaches.  Lots and lots of mustaches.


Friday: DOR.  Volunteered at the Hot Chocolate Expo.

Saturday: Womp womp – No running, I had to work!

Sunday: Spin!¬† Now that I’m comfortable with the hand positions and the bike, I will up my resistence next week.

Not a lot of running, but I will pick it up this week.  Starting tomorrow.  No, really.


Training Week 1: 11.04-11.10

Monday: 2 mile run – Neighborhood run.¬† This one was at a faster pace than I usually do, 10:20.¬† I want to work on speed but stay at a maintainable pace too…

Tuesday: DOR –¬†Tuesdays are becoming my “cooking and go to WW meeting” day.¬† I work in the evenings, and get a lot done on Tuesday mornings now!

Wednesday:  2.6 mile run РToday was a scheduled 3 mile run, but I ended up seeing a band with my brother spur of the moment.  I rushed through 2.6 in the crazy pouring rain!

Thursday:¬† DOR – I think the midweek DOR is going to fluxuate between Thursdays and Fridays; sometimes I have Fridays off and it’s easier to fit in!

Friday:  3 mile run РRan through the OSU campus area today, a little chilly, but a really nice run.

Saturday:¬† (extra) DOR – Saturday just turned in to a brunch, clothes, groceries, tv kind of day.¬† Nothin’ wrong with that.¬† ūüôā

Sunday:¬† Cross training – With the Novice Supreme schedule, Sundays start off as “walking” days, but since I’m not so super Novice, and I needed to kick my routine in gear, I signed up for a spinning class!¬† I have only done it once before, and was pretty intimidated.¬† The instructor for the class I went to this time was really nice, talked me through setting up my bike, played great classic rock, and proceeded to kick my bum.¬† So happy I decided to do that, even though I really feel it today!

I went back and forth with my running buddy this week, and we decided based on our work schedules that the Cleveland Marathon on May 18 was going to work better for us.¬† The Flying Pig course runs all through Cincinatti, and from what I’ve heard that includes all the brutal hills.¬† As RB (running buddy) says, “I don’t want to HATE my first marathon.”¬† I agree with her.¬† I also don’t want to hate Cincinatti.¬† So the training will be adjusted a bit, but yes indeed, we are running a marathon!


Thirty Weeks (or Twenty Five)

As you may have seen in this post, I moved this summer.

It was basically a slow-quick-quick dance step getting here…

July 2012: Mom’s sick, I want to be home.
December 2012: Heading back to Chicago, really don’t want to leave after the Holidays.
February 2013: Apply for a job. Wait. Wait. Wait.
April 2013: Skype interview for said job. Wait. Wait. Wait. Adopt kittens.

June 2013: Second interview for said job. Lease renewal pending. Still have kittens. Pins and needles.
July 12, 2013: Leave old job.
July 21, 2013: Leave Chicago.

July 29, 2013: Start new job.
November 4, 2013: Decide to start 30 Week Training Program for The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.

Maybe you want to know what happened between July and November.¬† Well, a lot has happened.¬† I have found myself completely head over heels…¬† For my job, for my city, for all that life has sent my way.¬† I’ve run a couple of¬†races (some day I might even recap them!), I’ve had incredible meals, I’ve had family time, I’ve been back to Chicago, I’ve missed my friends, I’ve made new friends, I’ve connected with old friends.¬† But through a lot of this, I feel like I need a new anchor.

I continue to track my Points.¬† I write them down, every day, but I consistently go over my goal.¬† Daily,¬†Weekly,¬†AND Activity.¬† I plug in my ActiveLink every few days, and I’m consistenly under my Activity Point goal.¬† After about two years of laser focus, and a few months of maintenance, this move, something in this move has got me unmoored.¬† I am willing to take it slow, but I really want it back.

I have decided, in all this, to set that laser focus on one terrifying, overwhelming, and completely acheivable goal…. To cross the finish line of a full marathon before I turn 35.¬† So, bring on Hal Higdon’s Novice Supreme Marathon Training Schedule.¬† I know I only have¬†I’m not technically a novice.¬† I have six half marathons, which means I’ve run three full marathons, right?!¬† But this schedule does not feel horribly overwhelming to me.¬† It is something I can fit in as best I can, and something to keep me running and cross training through the winter.¬† Schedules and plans WORK for me.¬† And I’m hoping they help me get back to some sort of focus on the big picture.


And it is no small thing to point out….¬† I am so incredibly happy these days, that¬†this unanchored eating/lack of exercise routine¬†is the only thing bringin’ me down, and right now, it is on the turn around.



A move, a gain, a challenge, a goal.


Does this look familiar? It’s home to the first Wendy’s, James Thurber, and now yours truly.

That’s right, I am all moved back in to Columbus, Ohio.¬† I grew up here, and spent the past 10 years in Chicago.¬† Now I am back to my hometown, and it has been quite a ride.

So…. I wrote this post on 9/30/13. I was so ready to “start over.” But I have been starting and starting and starting over, basically since I left Chicago in July. I’ll go in to more future plans in my next post, but I just felt a little guilty totally trashing this post. I have race recaps galore, and an update, and I need to use this, oh little blog, as an anchor.