RnR Nashville Training: Week(s) 4-6

I’ve had less computer time recently, and a lot going on at work and home.  But still plenty of time to train!  Here is how the last few weeks went:

Week 4
Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spin
Wednesday: HILLS (running them with runbuddies makes it easier, but still a pain)
Thursday: Took a sick day from work, had not been feeling well all week.  Slept the entire day, then went to yoga in the evening.
Friday: Travel Day – Going to California!
Saturday: 10 miles done… ON THE BEACH!  Had a beautiful run and loved getting some sun.
Sunday: DOR (it was VACATION)

Week 5
Monday: DOR but got a little bit of walking in
Tuesday: DOR – Flying back home
Wednesday: Back to our hills
Thursday: Yoga.  It was a great class. The instructor brought in battery-powered candles and it really changed the mood of the class.  I love Thursday night yoga
Friday: DOR
Saturday: NHL All Star 5k – Had a blast AND got a 5k PR (I think?). Recap to come soon
Sunday: Group run.  Was planning on 11 miles, but made it to 10 before I had to cut it short due to tummy troubles and no port-o-potties at the park!

Week 6
Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spin class!  It was a tough class as per usual, but I did start feeling some core strength
Wednesday: Oh man, I came down with a BAD case of the Dontwannas.  After work, we were planning our usual hill work meeting.  I just was in a mood, and I didn’t want to run.  I wanted to go home and put on pajamas!  I was changing clothes, and had a text from my brother that he needed a ride home, so I ended up skipping the run that night.  I was thinking I could get the run in after I dropped him off, but that just didn’t happen either….  Sometimes, I guess you just need a break!
Thursday: I had an early start to the morning, and decided to try and make up for skipping Wednesday by doing some early morning hills.  So I ran in the dark, which was great… until that ice storm rolled in.  Not an ideal time to be doing hill work!  Managed 3.7 miles, and also managed not to fall down!  I had a bad weigh in Thursday night, and skipped yoga.  Womp womp.
Saturday:Long Run – I did my run early and on my own. I wanted to do 12 and my GPS claims I did 13. I DID stop at home at my halfway point because I wanted a bathroom stop, and made a quick wardrobe change for warmer, dryer clothes. It was in the teens, so I didn’t see any point in trying to make a good time, just wanted to get the miles in!

Struggling with my Weight Watchers game recently.  I keep seeing my weight creep back on, and I am in search of new motivation to stop that from happening.  Trying to focus on small, manageable goals all week long, and mostly want to stop mindlessly eating.  This is especially troublesome for me at work, with potlucks and candy jars, so my mini-goal for the week is to not snack on treats, and try to only eat food that I have brought in for myself.  Today was a potluck day, but I got by with a couple crackers with cheese spread, and a taste of cake, and everything got tracked.

A few highlights from the past 3 weeks:

beach run
beach run 2
A few more scenes from my run
nhl 5k
Great time at the NHL All Star 5k