Food & Fitness Plan: 2017 Week 6

February 6-February 12

Time to get down to some serious workout business. Back to the gym this week, and being flexible with workouts as BF is travelling.

Monday: Chicken salad and possible leftover Super Bowl meatballs
Tuesday: Skinnytaste Cheeseburger Casserole
Wednesday: “Unstuffed” Cabbage Soup (from Skinnytaste Cookbook-a staple at my house)
Thursday: TBD
Friday: Dinner out for my brother’s birthday. (If you’re local to Columbus, you must try Windward Passage at least once in your life)
Saturday: TBD – It’s my first Saturday off in 3 weeks!
Sunday: TBD

Monday: Gym – Shape-Up
Tuesday: Yoga DVD
Wednesday: Gym – Shape-Up
Thursday: 4 miles post-work
Friday: Gym – Shape-Up & 5 miles @ 12min
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: Long Run – 30k Trail Run


Hoping for a good week of recovery from being sick. Will take it easy as needed to gear up for the weekend’s race. Glad to get a trail run in during the season to keep training for the upcoming 50k I am attempting after the Spring marathon!

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Food & Fitness Plan: 2017 Week 5

January 30-February 5

Already missed a few weeks of planning. Have been doing great with the workouts at the gym, but some mid-week runs have fallen off.  This week my goal is 4 runs and 2 gym days. Food is looking good this week and half of my grocery cart was produce this morning!

Monday: Rigatoni with Greens. (BF is good about getting me to eat healthy greens!)
Tuesday: Mustard roasted sausages, sprouts and potatoes
Wednesday: Pozole verde
Thursday: Leftovers & salad
Friday: Dinner at Barcelona for Dad’s bday
Saturday: TBD
Sunday: Super Bowl!

Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Speed work: 5.2 miles with 2 miles speed
Wednesday: 5 miles hills SICK DAY
Thursday: 4 miles easy pace SICK DAY
Friday: Yoga SICK DAY
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: Long Run – 14 miles  6 Miles

Spent most of the week sick. It was not fun. Sinus headaches, body aches, stuffy nose and lots of sleeping. I made it out to my long run this morning, but cut it short after some breathing issues.

Starting to feel better, and hope to make it back to the gym on Monday for more strength-cardio sessions.

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Food & Fitness Plan: 2017 Week 2

January 9-January 15

Lots and lots and lots of leftovers on the menu this week. Just me eating, so there’s not much to plan other than cleaning out the fridge. Of course, I walked in to Trader Joe’s without a shopping list, and walked out $40 poorer this morning, so I guess I’ll be eating SOMETHING.

Monday: Leftover Chickpea Tomato Soup
Tuesday: Leftover Cheesy Baked Penne – this was SO good.
Wednesday: Chicken salad and roasted potatoes
Thursday: Mushroom ravioli and a spinach salad
Friday: TBD
Saturday: TBD
Sunday: TBD – Dude-a-Thon!

Monday: DOR – 20k got me sore this weekend
Tuesday: Spin Class
Wednesday: Shape Up – Session 3 followed by 6 mile run (depending on how sore I am)
Thursday: 3 mile run
Friday: Shape Up – Session 4 followed by 3 mile run
Saturday: Yoga DVD – my body NEEDS this
Sunday: Broke Man’s Winter Warm Up Half Marathon.


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Food & Fitness Plan: 2017 Week 1

January 2-January 8

It’s 2017, friends! I decided not to do much in they way of making resolutions for the year, but I have signed up for a number of races to keep my training schedule full. I also signed up for an 8 week (2 sessions a week) small group training session at my gym. What I really want to focus on this year is some self-care and forgiveness along with healthy eating and strength training to compliment my running schedule. Meal planning continues to go strong!

Monday: At my parents’ – lots of snacks, smoked beef ribs and cheesy potatoes for dinner
Tuesday: Slow-cooker Korean Beef and Rice Pot from Simply Nigella (tester for cookbook club)
Wednesday: Chickpea Tomato Soup
Thursday: Spiced Cauliflower and Chickpea Salad
Friday: TBD
Saturday: TBD
Sunday: Roasted Vegetable Baked Ziti

Monday: DOR but took the doggie for 2 walks
Tuesday: Spin Class
Wednesday: Shape Up – Meeting 1 pre-work. 5 mile run post-work.
Thursday: 3 mile run post-work.
Friday: Shape Up – Meeting 2 pre-work.
Saturday: Yoga
Sunday: Trail 20k.


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2016 Year in Running Review

2016. You have been A YEAR.

Many have referred to this  year as a dumpster fire.


burn, baby, burn.

I can’t say I disagree. It has definitely been full of ups and downs. We had some fun trips: Cleveland for a couple Indians games, Louisville for the Derby Half Marathon, and a few trips to Burr Oak for relaxing and hiking. I also got to travel to Boston for a conference and got to run along the Charles River. Work threw some interesting challenges my way and kept me busy all year long, and Roxie kept us busy (and happy) at home!

Since this is a running blog after all, here are some race highlights of 2016!

Miles run in 2016 to date: 790. (Estimated between several sources due to poor record keeping!)

Races run in 2016: 14

January 10 - Rocks and Roots 10k

January 10 – Rocks and Roots 10k

January 17 - Brokeman's Half Marathon

January 17 – Brokeman’s Half Marathon

February 7 - Rocks and Roots 10k

February 7 – Rocks and Roots 10k

March 19 - Seamus O'Possum 10 Miler

March 19 – Seamus O’Possum 10 Miler

April 30 - Kentucky Derby Half Marathon

April 30 – Kentucky Derby Half Marathon

June 12 - Gary Smith Classic 5 Miler

June 12 – Gary Smith Classic 5 Miler

August 13 - Darby Creek Bison 10k

August 13 – Darby Creek Bison 10k

September 11 - Erie Marathon

September 11 – Erie Marathon

September 15 - Squatch Trail 10k

September 15 – Squatch Trail 10k

September 30-October 1 - Ragnar Trail Relay

September 30-October 1 – Ragnar Trail Relay

November 6 - Buckeye Classic 10k

November 6 – Buckeye Classic 10k

November 12 - Salt Fork Trail Challenge 10 Miler

November 12 – Salt Fork Trail Challenge 10 Miler

November 20 - Hot Chocolate 15k

November 20 – Hot Chocolate 15k

December 17 - Huff Trail 50k

December 17 – Huff Trail 50k

As I am recovering physically and mentally from the Huff, it really is great rewarding to look back on this year. It started with a lot of unexpected snow at Rocks and Roots in January. Temperatures fell at that race and cold rain turned to snow. Finishing that 10k was tough and my hands were so frozen I cried trying to unlock my car door.

February wasn’t much better, I slipped and fell hard on the frozen solid ground and shortened my 20k to a 10k. Seamus O’Possum did it’s best to redeem trail running for me, I can deal with a little mud. April showers showed themselves in all their glory as it poured for the last few miles of the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon – but we got to run through Churchill Downs. It just happened to be soaking wet! No races in May, and then the Gary Smith Classic officially ushered in the hottest running summer I’ve experienced so far.

The “official” races slowed down in August, while training amped up. While the weather was moderate for my September marathon, it just wasn’t my day and I posted my slowest marathon to date. However, I jumped right back in with a trail run four days later at the Squatch 10k.

The end of the year was dedicated to mostly trail running and training for the 50k. Many of the races I ran were part of longer training runs, and I learned how to put down a lot of miles by myself. I listened to a ton of great audiobooks this year, and learned how to keep my mind off the pain of 5 solo hours.

And this brings us to the 50k. The course was 2 loops of about 16 miles. As we were weather tracking the day, it seemed like it was going to be all sorts of the worst weather imaginable, which is the risk you take when running on a trail in December. The first half was all fresh snow, and felt like running in sand (wet, heavy, cold sand). When I came in from that loop, I changed socks and shirt and headed out again. The second time out was a much lonelier time, and the snow was starting to get a slick glaze over top from the icy rain that was falling. I had my interval timer going, so I was eating every 30 minutes, and I was well entrenched in The Night Circus which is the perfect winter running book! At Mile 24, Beth joined me to run the race in for the last 7.5 miles. Unfortunately, just as my watch hit 30 miles, we got stopped by a volunteer who let us know the RD was shutting down the course. It sucked. It really sucked. We got in his truck and he drove us to the finish line, but I was fully prepared to complete that race. It would have taken 9.5 hours. But by the time we got to the Start/Finish, they had completely dismantled the line anyway. So, without much pomp and circumstance, I became an Ultra Marathoner, but I don’t really have the sweet swag to prove it.

I have a lot of races on my 2017 calendar, including a tentative April marathon and an accepted entry into the 2017 Chicago Marathon(!!!!). My goal is to focus on strength, crosstraining & speedwork to get fitter and faster for these flat races! I have some trail races on the books too. It’s going to be a great year!

Big thanks to all my running buddies who keep me putting one foot in front of the other day after day, and to Derek who puts up with all this craziness and is always there with either a pot of coffee or a cold beer depending on what’s most appropriate. Love you!

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Misguided Post-Marathon Thoughts

The Erie Marathon. It’s all over. And it was NOT my day.

I don’t know if I will bother with a full race recap of this one, because I’m afraid it will just turn in to a lot of needless whining about how it all felt wrong.

What really feels wrong, though, is my reaction to this Finish Line photo:

Grinning through the pain

Grinning through the pain

I put this up on Facebook, and let everyone know it was a hard race. I finished in 5:45, which was an added 8 minutes on to my slowest time. But my first thought when I saw this picture wasn’t “I had a hard race.” or “I can’t believe I crossed the finish line.” or “Look what I just did!” it was simply… “I look fat.”

I am spending a few weeks stepping away from PRs and speed work and all of that to just remember how far I’ve come. Of course there are ebbs and flows in weight loss. Stress, life, love, work, etc. And I am working on embracing those and getting stronger as I go.

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Training Winding Down- The Goal 30 Winding Up

The race is two weeks away! I had a great 20 miler on Tuesday. The pacing was uneven, but I managed to make those 20 miles happen solo, in my own head, at my own intervals, with a good nutrition plan, and I feel happy with what I made happen. I am definitely ready for some tapering; I will still try to run 3x a week at least, and want a few more yoga days in there too to loosen up. My left knee has been bothering me, and I have a referral to a PT that I have yet to act on, so one of next week’s goals is to give them a call. It might not make a difference on race day, but I want to have a plan in place to keep getting stronger!

Speaking of goals – have you heard of The Goal 30 (#thegoal30) yet? It is a simple but brilliant idea where you identify 30 short, non-scale related goals and set out to accomplish a goal a day for 30 days. This came about via ArielleSays on IG and was also written up by a few blogs that I follow – Roni Noone (What You Can When You Can – ready it! #wycwyc) and Kelly on her blog No Thanks to Cake. I thought I’d jump in and share my 30 goals for 30 days. It’s been a fun challenge so far and I love how it’s making me think more about the way I use my time, energy and emotions.

goal 30

In no particular order:
Meatless Monday
Go to Yoga Class at Columbus Sports Connection
Go to Yoga Class at Yoga Happiness
Run a 5:25 or under Marathon
Run a trail at night time
Have a veggie with every meal/snack
Go a work day without work snacks/candy
Finish Run to Lose
Go (back) to spin class
Try a new smoothie recipe
Drink 100oz water in a day
Track meals on My Fitness Pal
Stay within SmartPoints budget (M-F)
Stay within SmartPoints budget (Saturday)
Stay within SmartPoints budget (Sunday)
Work on cross stitch
Write postcards/letters
Write Thank You Cards (my birthday was July 1 – oops)
Sort and donate clothes
10,000 steps every day for a week
Run with Roxie
Walk on a lunch break/dinner break
11pm or earlier bedtime (M-F)
No phone 30 minutes before bed
No phone 30 minutes after waking up
Read work articles
Yoga dvd every morning (M-F)
Go to cardio sculpt

Some nutrition-based goals, some exercise based goals, and some “me time” based goals. I have a re-cap for the first week coming up soon!

What goals are you setting for yourself this week?

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