Chicago Runners Unite for Boston.

Runners Unite for Boston.

“In the spirit of the running community, CARA will be hosting a Unity Run this evening at Foster Avenue Beach House, at 6 p.m. that was initiated by one of our members. We invite all runners to join us and run in honor of those who lost their lives and who were injured during this tragic ordeal.”


My Little Pony

I used to love My Little Pony.  I could comb those rainbow tails and manes for hours.  And when I was a Girl Scout, I was ecstatic to go to Horse Camp and spend time with all those pretty, real horses.

And now, I like horses because they envoke a phrase of getting back up, starting over, and recommitting having learned from set backs and mistakes…

I have not had any specific setbacks, but I have been feeling very complacent [read – lazy] recently.  I haven’t been tracking, I haven’t been drinking enough water, I have been going out late, drinking much more, and not sleeping enough.  I am having a great time, but my training is starting to suffer.  So, all you pretty little ponies, make room for me because I want back up!