2017 Year in Running Review

2017 – The Year of BIG DECISIONS.

This year was a challenge, in some of the best and worst ways.

The biggest thing about 2017 was that it involved a lot of BIG decisions and major life changes. We found and bought a house, and I started a new job. As in, we signed all the paperwork in the morning, and I got a job offer in the afternoon. Those kinds of decisions are challenging but have ultimately been so rewarding! With those sorts of changes, our travel schedule was a little altered this year. We managed a couple trips to Chicago (my BFF got married!), a weekend of camping and watching movies, and an excellent time decorating for Halloween and Christmas in our new home. 2018 shall be The Year of Entertaining at Home! Come visit, ’cause we’re saving our money and getting the house in tip top shape.

Of course 2017 was full of running too!  A 50k finish (!!!!), 2 marathons and a good mix of road and trail trainings. I also started a strength/cardio circuit class that I have been almost regularly attending twice a week all year.

Miles run in 2017 to date: 1088!

Races run in 2017: 12 – I think?

January – Rocks and Roots Trail Series 20k

January 2017 Rocks and Roots – Everything froze.

January – Brokeman’s Running Co. Winter Warm Up Half Marathon

I took no photos at this event but found a stranger’s photo of me picking up my packet…

February – Rocks and Roots Trail Series 30k

Rocks and Roots Mudfest 2017

March – Seamus O’Possum 30k

Possum Up!

April – Athens Marathon

My worst race of the year.

May – Playin’ Possum 50k (!!!)

All the emotions of finishing a 50k!

June – Gary Smith Worthington Classic

Librarians Who Run! (that’s what the shirt says and why I run this race!)

September – Squatch Trail 10k

I fell down hard at this one. Here’s my bruise.

September – Yo Momma’s Old School Trail 25k

I loved this race!

October – Columbus Marathon

Another really tough race. Road marathons are my new goal to tackle.

November – Hot Chocolate 15k

Not bad, Hot Chocolate.

November – Salt Fork Trail Challenge 10 miler

Another favorite of the year

That’s it for all the races I paid to run this year! Some great ones, some tough ones. I am happy with the mix of trail and road races, with the early part and the later part of the year being mostly dedicated to trails and trail training. Rocks and Roots 2017 was still cold cold cold, so cold all my water froze in to slushies. But there were no tears this year, and also no unexpected snow storms!

February warmed up for Rocks and Roots. Enough to turn the course in to a sloppy disgusting mud pit. Every step of that race was a challenge in staying upright and moving forward. Seamus O’Possum 30k was a lot of fun, it’s one of the first trail races I’ve ever done where I was running completely on my own. I knew some volunteers but none of my usual running buddies were there. The 30k felt like a great distance to me, and was a good preview of the later 50k course. April brought me to the Athens (Ohio) Marathon. I thought I was pacing myself well, but something went off the rails at that race. I was slow and sluggish, and started feeling nauseous around mile 20. Things just didn’t feel right that day at all.

I did get to finish my first 50k! I put the frustration of the Huff behind me, and enjoyed the excellent course and company for the Playin’ Possum 50k race. This race is put on by such a great group of people and it benefits the Special Olympics of Delaware County. Knowing that your race dollars go to a great cause makes all the pain and suffering worthwhile.

In June, I ran the Gary Smith Worthington Classic, and this year was especially meaningful because it was my final run as a librarian in Worthington. Things on my race schedule really slowed down as we moved in to the house and I started my new job in July.

September had two trail races that were so much fun I almost questioned why I was running another dang road marathon. But the Columbus Marathon is a special privilege and even when it’s hot and humid and it hurts, the Children’s Hospital patients make this another rewarding race experience.


Aside from my own races, I also had the excellent experience of pacing at crewing at a 24 hour endurance race this year.

 My BRF (best running friend) had a rough start to 2017 and was coming off of a few injuries. I really missed running with her and was so happy to share the experience of O24 (Outrun-24) with her. She was going for a distance PR of 100k and dammit we got her there. I loved the course so much that I’m going back to try my hand at it in 2018. I don’t think I have 64 miles in me, but my two goals are to 1. Run more than a 50k and 2. Have Fun. There is a great group of runners (many seasoned O-24 runners) attending this year, and I will have my boyfriend along for the ride. He will get to camp and meet a lot of my running buddies. I hope he enjoys it!

Additional races/goals for 2018: Rocks and Roots 40k in January, 10k in February, Seamus O’Possum in March, possibly Playin’ Possum in May, and the Chicago Marathon in October.

Hope you all have a happy and healthy 2018. Keep on runnin’.2017 Year in Running Review

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Food & Fitness Plan: September 25-October 1

September 25-October 1

Our temps have swarmed back up into the 90s this week, so of course (OF COURSE!) I came down with a head cold. However, I still managed to put together a meal plan I’m pretty happy with, and I will hopefully be back in tip top shape in time for Saturday’s race.

Monday: Orecchiette with tomatoes and arugula. (Needed to use up produce from our CSA.) I only used the 3 tablespoons of oil, and could have cut down on that too.
Tuesday: Tofu and green beans.
Wednesday: Skinnytaste copycat Bang Bang Shrimp
Thursday: Chicken taco bowls & instantpot rice
Friday: TBD – either pasta dinner or beer & burgers depending on how I feel. Early morning on Saturday.
Saturday: TBD – Race day
Sunday: Taco truck tour!!!

Monday: DOR – slept most of the day
Tuesday: Planning 4 miles after work with run buddies. This might turn in to a walk, I’m still feeling crummy.
Wednesday: Shape Up
Thursday: 5 morning miles.
Friday: Shape Up
Saturday: 25k with the “Yo Momma’s” crew
Sunday: DOR

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Food & Fitness Recap: September 18-September 24

September 18-24 PEAK WEEK!

Managed to run some miles, skip some time at the gym, and survive as a single dogmom for the week.  Here’s how it went down.

Monday: Ended up taking a half day at work. 😦 Felt so very rundown and headache-y that I came home and slept on the couch for 3 hours in the middle of the day. Dinner was green curry tofu with snap peas and mushrooms from America’s Test Kitchen’s Complete Cooking for Two. Had the ingredients for a few days and finally decided to make it.
Tuesday: “Plum chicken” in the InstantPot. It was basically chicken breasts with jam (raspberry because I didn’t have plum), soy sauce, ginger and garlic. Tasty, would make again, but I may have over cooked the chicken a bit.
Wednesday: Frittata based off the Winter Potato, Kale and Sausage Fritatta from the Skinnytaste cookbook. Decided not to use the sausage to make it meatless, two full meatless days this week!
Thursday: Spaghetti squash and meat sauce from Skinnytaste. Such a convenient meal. I used the slow cooker, but would love to try it in the pressure cooker soon too!
Friday: Leftovers – I had a pita pizza with ingredients from the week before. Yay for a full week of eating at home!
Saturday: Went to friends’ for dinner and had the most delicious homemade paella!  It was such a treat!
Sunday: OktoberFest after work. YES I am getting a creampuff!

Monday: DOR
Tuesday: 4 miles post work
Wednesday: DOR
Thursday: 20 miles
Friday: DOR
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: 11 miles

I was really run down this week and had a hard time even getting in my 2 weekly runs. I am happy I made up 11 miles today, and am hoping to hit my smaller runs this week as well as 3 trips to the gym.

Weigh-in results: -1.0 Total: -6.0

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Food & Fitness Plan: September 11-17

September 11-17

Cut back week! I think my body needs it, last week I had an impossible time waking up and skipped two gym classes. This week I have some busy evenings, including a trail 10k which I am really looking forward to!

Monday: Fresh vegetable and chicken soup from One Pan & Done.
Tuesday: Leftovers from last week.
Wednesday: Skinnytaste Slow Cooker Banh Mi Bowls – I put this in the crockpot before work today, can’t wait to have it for lunch tomorrow! It always turns out SO good.
Thursday: Baked eggplant Parmesan (again from One Pan & Done.) I am in love with this book.
Friday: Green curry tofu with snap peas and mushrooms from America’s Test Kitchen’s Complete Cooking for Two(This book is GREAT)
Saturday: TBD – Working a festival all day, may end up having food truck dinner!
Sunday: TBD – Beer tasting and movie screening, so probably pizza

Monday: DOR
Tuesday: 3 miles w/some hills before work – it’s getting dark in the morning and I need way more light up gear. I tried to run in my favorite ravine but was way too spooked to be there alone in the dark.
Wednesday: Shape Up
Thursday: Summer Squatch 10k after work (!!!!)
Friday: Shape Up + 4 miles speed work on TM. (DARK after the gym too)
Saturday: Yoga DVD
Sunday: 12 mile cutback with my running group.

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Food & Fitness Recap: September 4-September 10

September 4-10

Week’s almost done, and it’s been a BUSY  one.  Here is the week that was:

Monday: BBQ with my family for Labor Day – hot dogs, hamburgers, and a massive amount of Mexican Macaroni Salad from the Pioneer Woman
Tuesday: Crockpot Lasagna Soup from the 2nd Skinnytaste cookbook. I had spinach and Italian sausage that needed to be used up and this fit the bill.
Wednesday: Finally ordered my own copy of One Pan & Done from Amazon because the library copy was getting so much use. Had green beans, prosciutto and eggs tonight!
Thursday: Used up a Pies and Pints gift card – pizza and salad after a long run? Don’t mind if I do!
Friday: Went to Gordon Biersch. Don’t usually go there, but it was close to a concert we were seeing. Veggie burger, a couple fries, salad and a beer.
Saturday: TBD – Possibly tailgating, but all I really want to do is get Chipotle and put on pajamas to watch football…
Sunday: BF is grilling out after work!

Monday: DOR
Tuesday: 5 miles post work
Wednesday: Walked 2 miles
Thursday: 20 miles
Friday: DOR
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: Plan – 10 miles with my running group

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Food & Fitness Plan: August 28 – September 3

August 28-September 3

Last week I got an 18 mile run in, and at least 15 of those miles were solo! I finished out at around a 13mm pace, which is slower than I want on race day, but I was not feeling sore or tired at the end, so I know I have a little more “oomph” in me. I was able to make it through a 5 hour work day after the run, so I’m hoping that bodes well for squeezing in at least one 20 miler before work in the coming weeks. Of course this means that Sunday is a long day that starts early, but I also like getting those long ones out of the way and being able to relax on my rest days!

Monday: “Faux-tisserie Chicken” from the Instant Pot. I wish the skin was crispier (this came out a little flabby) but the meat was so tender and it took about an hour and a half to get the whole chicken good. Will do again!
Tuesday: Taco Tuesday! I opted to just go for plain old American hard shell, ground beef tacos. Sometimes, it just can’t be beat.
Wednesday: Emily Bites’ Sausage Ricotta Pasta. So tasty, and lots of good leftovers with this one.
Thursday: Jalapeno Popper White Chicken Chili – This is such a great recipe to throw together in the crockpot to enjoy during the return of football season!
Friday: TBD
Saturday: TBD – But we have baseball tickets in the evening
Sunday: TBD

Monday: DOR
Tuesday: 5 miles post work
Wednesday: Shape Up + 4 ‘maybe miles’
Thursday: 5 miles after work/before football
Friday: Shape Up + Wednesday’s miles if they didn’t happen
Saturday: EITHER I’m going to pony up and run a trail half marathon (the only thing keeping me back is the 2 hour drive to get to a 7:30 start time) OR I’m taking a DOR
Sunday: If Saturday’s race doesn’t happen, 10 fall back miles with my training group. If Saturday’s race does happen, possibly still some miles with the group.

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Food & Fitness Recap: August 21-August 27

August 21-August 27 Recap


This week has been a good one all the way around. BF’s birthday was on Wednesday, and I took the week off for some RnR. We did some travelling, some cooking, some dining out, and a lot of housework. Things are really coming together. Here is what the week looked like from a food and fitness point of view –

Monday: Impromptu beer fundraiser in support of one of our favorite bars. They had a fire a few weeks back, but hopefully will be able to open again soon. After beers, we got sushi at a new place. It was underwhelming, but I was happy to stick with veggie sushi and edamame for my  meal.
Tuesday: Skinnytaste Taco Stuffed Zucchini and Instant Pot Mexican Rice. We got sidetracked by the start of vacation, and ended up eating dinner at 10pm. But it was all worth it. The rice turned out better than any rice I’ve ever made!
Wednesday: Tried a new pop up restaurant and had a fantastic burger and fries.
Thursday: Pizza. This was vacation week, after all.
Friday: Dinner at a steak house for BF’s bday. Holy cow does it feel good to be spoiled!
Saturday: Hopefully something with vegetables in it, after a week of indulgence!
Sunday: TBD

Monday: 15.5 miles (was supposed to be 16 but I had to get the dog to her annual vet apt!)
Tuesday: DOR
Wednesday: DOR
Thursday: 4 miles with hills
Friday: Shape up & 2 miles on TM
Saturday: DOR.
Sunday: 18 miles

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