Training Winding Down- The Goal 30 Winding Up

The race is two weeks away! I had a great 20 miler on Tuesday. The pacing was uneven, but I managed to make those 20 miles happen solo, in my own head, at my own intervals, with a good nutrition plan, and I feel happy with what I made happen. I am definitely ready for some tapering; I will still try to run 3x a week at least, and want a few more yoga days in there too to loosen up. My left knee has been bothering me, and I have a referral to a PT that I have yet to act on, so one of next week’s goals is to give them a call. It might not make a difference on race day, but I want to have a plan in place to keep getting stronger!

Speaking of goals – have you heard of The Goal 30 (#thegoal30) yet? It is a simple but brilliant idea where you identify 30 short, non-scale related goals and set out to accomplish a goal a day for 30 days. This came about via ArielleSays on IG and was also written up by a few blogs that I follow – Roni Noone (What You Can When You Can – ready it! #wycwyc) and Kelly on her blog No Thanks to Cake. I thought I’d jump in and share my 30 goals for 30 days. It’s been a fun challenge so far and I love how it’s making me think more about the way I use my time, energy and emotions.

goal 30

In no particular order:
Meatless Monday
Go to Yoga Class at Columbus Sports Connection
Go to Yoga Class at Yoga Happiness
Run a 5:25 or under Marathon
Run a trail at night time
Have a veggie with every meal/snack
Go a work day without work snacks/candy
Finish Run to Lose
Go (back) to spin class
Try a new smoothie recipe
Drink 100oz water in a day
Track meals on My Fitness Pal
Stay within SmartPoints budget (M-F)
Stay within SmartPoints budget (Saturday)
Stay within SmartPoints budget (Sunday)
Work on cross stitch
Write postcards/letters
Write Thank You Cards (my birthday was July 1 – oops)
Sort and donate clothes
10,000 steps every day for a week
Run with Roxie
Walk on a lunch break/dinner break
11pm or earlier bedtime (M-F)
No phone 30 minutes before bed
No phone 30 minutes after waking up
Read work articles
Yoga dvd every morning (M-F)
Go to cardio sculpt

Some nutrition-based goals, some exercise based goals, and some “me time” based goals. I have a re-cap for the first week coming up soon!

What goals are you setting for yourself this week?

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Erie Marathon Training: Weeks 11-13

Erie Marathon Training: Weeks 11-13

July 17-24
Let’s start off by saying – consistency is my biggest downfall and why I could never be a ‘real’ blogger. I love using this as my training journal, and like to try and stay organized, but I’m not entirely sure anyone ever reads this so… who cares how regularly I post?  Is it just runner’s naval gazing to write a blog in the first place? Who knows. But I’m putting it out there anyway, no matter how late it is!
Monday: Day off – I was sore from Sunday’s 16 miles, so I decided to reevaluate my training plan and move rest days to Mondays so I can recover from my longer runs.
Tuesday: Yoga DVD.
Wednesday:  5 miles before work. Wowzers that was a good run. Listened to a few podcasts and still made it to work on time. Win-win!
Thursday: Walking group @ work ~ 2 miles
Friday: Post work treadmill – speed work. It was HOT out, so I went to the gym for this one. I’m working with a Fartlek plan put out by my training group, which called for a 6 mile run with a pyramid of sprints: 1:00 sprint-1:00 rest, 2:00 sprint-2:00 rest, 3:00 sprint-3:00 rest, 3:00 sprint-3:00 rest, 2:00 sprint-2:00 rest, 1:00 sprint-1:00 rest. I did a total of 45 minutes, 4 miles but still got the speed work in. I find it really difficult to run at pace on treadmills so my warm ups and cool downs are often walking instead of running. Have I mentioned that I *really* don’t like the treadmill?
Saturday: DOR
Sunday:  18 miles. TBH, this was rough. It was one of the hottest days so far. I started at 6am, and took the pace much much slower, but it was really draining. So happy to get the miles done, but my knee was really bothering me by mile 14. My watch also died at Mile 13 which was frustrating!

Week 12 (July 25-July 31)
Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Strength – JM30Day Shred Level 2 – It’s not getting easier!
Wednesday:  5.2 miles of hill work. It was pretty terrible.
Thursday: Walking club
Friday: DOR – post work plans & a long morning run!
Saturday: 20.75 miles? 18.25 miles? Met a running buddy at Highbanks for our long run. Met at 6:30 and made our loops through the park. My phone had me over 20.75 and running buddy’s Garmin had us at 18.25. I called it a wash because it was tough terrain and a hot day. Happy to get my long run done early!
Sunday: Sort of DOR – A lot of walking to the State Fair.

Week 13 (August 1 – August 7)
Monday: Yoga
Tuesday:  5 ish mile run
Wednesday:  DOR – Lots of walking in Boston
Thursday: JM 30 Day Shred in my hotel room in Boston
Friday: 6 ish miles in Boston
Saturday: DOR – morning conference and a long flight home this afternoon
Sunday:  TBD – I’ve been out of town and walking like crazy! I have 15 miles on my plan, but I also have to work in the afternoon, so I might need an actual rest day!

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New Attitude = New Plan

After last week’s post, I was ready to find my way out of the ditch I fell in to. The first step was, I got a good night’s sleep. The second step was, even though it was still dark out, even though I had to work in the afternoon, even though I was feeling down, I woke up before 5am and got myself out the door for 16 miles.

I feel like this one actually went pretty well. Nutrition felt right, I was in a good headspace, and even though I ended up doing the entire run on my own, I made it through.

week 10

My watch seems to be on the fritz and didn’t want to pick up a GPS signal, so I ran using MapMyWalk. The pacing seems rather generous, but I’m happy with the run overall.

I also ended up adjusting my training schedule to allow for more recovery after long runs. Early on, I was trying to add strength training on Monday mornings – either classes or workout DVDs (Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred). Then speed work on Tuesdays, hills on Wednesdays, and easy run on Thursdays, yoga on Fridays and a day off on Saturday before the long run.

After hitting 16 miles, I woke up sore and tired on Monday and knew that pushing it with strength training was not a good idea. My new attempt at a schedule is:

  • Monday – DOR
  • Tuesday – Strength
  • Wednesday – Hills
  • Thursday – Speed
  • Friday – Easy Run
  • Saturday – Yoga
  • Sunday – Long Run

Fridays and Saturdays are the hardest days to stick to a plan, but I am trying to stay committed and flexible.

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Week 10 – Half Way Point Slump

Hello, here we are. Just a little vision of how training is going right now:

So. Tired.

I have hit that point where I am just… tired. I’m having a hard time finding my motivation to get out the door on my runs, stick to my planned workouts, and get my mileage up as needed.

I have also been struggling more with food and drink choices. And I know that this is directly causing those feelings of ‘nope’ to get me out the door. I have known this for YEARS now. But there is some sort of mental block that I can’t get over. I’ve tried tracking, I’ve tried not tracking, I’ve tried having a dry month without any alcohol, I’ve tried new notebooks and journals, counting calories on MFP, counting steps on FitBit and I am still slowly gaining weight and losing miles.

I feel like there is a slump in every training program I’ve had so far, but this one feels much harder to get out of. The thought of a 16 mile run tomorrow sort of has me panicking because I don’t want to do it. At all. And that attitude is what ruins a good run.

How do you get out of a rut and over a plateau?! Fake it til you make it, I guess.

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Food & Fitness Plan 2016 Marathon Training Week 8

All my weekly training updates are current, so it’s time to get back to my weekly food and fitness plans.  I have been using a Fitbook to write out my weekly meals, but there are a lot of pages in the book that I don’t use. At over $20 a pop for 12 weeks of a journal, I think this is the last one I buy. I love the concept of it, but it’s not working for me right now. I’ll stick with regular old pen and paper for awhile!

This week is an exciting week – it’s my BIRTHDAY week!  And after Saturday, I’m on vacation for a week!  I can’t wait.  In the meantime, here are my plans:

Monday: Buffalo chicken and Shredded Brussels Sprouts
Tuesday: Eggs in Purgatory  (cheating by using spicy marinara) and Lemony Garbanzo Kale Salad
Wednesday: Day off work! I’m taking myself to the movies to see Me Before You. Enchilada Casserole for dinner (using this filling instead of chicken) and Cilantro Lime Rice (with some radish greens thrown in)
Thursday: Pasta with spicy pesto
Friday: BIRTHDAY! Heading out to our fireworks show in the evening. Dinner TBD.
Saturday: Celebrating with friends. Probably tacos from Dos Hermanos!
Sunday: TBD

Monday: DOR – pretty wiped out after Sunday’s 13 miles in the heat. Prepped A LOT of food for the week.
Tuesday: 3 miles in AM + JM30DShredL2
Wednesday: Speedwork – 6 miles
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: Trail run with some folks from my Ragnar group – 4ish
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: Long run – 15. My training group has 9 miles scheduled, so I will probably do what I did last week and do two before and four after!

Looking forward to the meals prepped this week, having drinks with friends on Saturday night, and tackling 15 miles on Sunday morning.

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Erie Marathon Training: Weeks 6 & 7

Erie Marathon Training: Weeks 6 & 7

June 13-June 26
It’s getting hot out there, friends! Really getting acclimated to the heat and humidity over these past few weeks. Doing my best to stick to the schedule and I feel like I have a good base now to add more intensity over the next few weeks.
Week 6 (June 13-June 19)
Monday: Day off – went to the Dr. about my knee. Not great news, not terrible news. Waiting on a referral to a PT.
Tuesday: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred… Still on Level one.
Wednesday:  Post-work run. We got caught in the craziest of all downpours. Started with a light rain and by the time we were to the top of the hill, we were all completely soaked to the bone with heavy winds and rain. About 2 inches fell in 15 minutes!
Thursday: Walk before work
Friday: DOR
Saturday: 4 mile run. Had some friends visiting from out of town, so had to
Sunday:  Father’s Day – no run. My friends from out of town left this morning after brunch, so I didn’t manage to get my long run in.
Week 7 (June 20-26))
Monday: JM 30 Day Shred – I moved on to Level 2! Holy crap it was hard!
Tuesday: Speedwork – 5 miles w/1 minute on 1 minute off. Hot and horrible and slow. Slow speedwork is not fun.
Wednesday:  Easy 3 in the morning before work.
Thursday: Walk before work
Friday: Volunteered at ComFest – a lot of walking today!
Saturday: DOR – Had to work all day. Then go lease a new car (!!!)
Sunday:  13 miles. A struggle through the heat, but I’m glad I made it happen! I feel like these hot weather runs are getting a *little* more bearable. I at least feel like I am training in the weather that I can expect on race day. If it’s 50 degrees and raining? EVEN BETTER.

30 Day Shred Level 2!

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Erie Marathon Training: Week 5

Erie Marathon Training: Week 5

June 6-12
This week was HOT. My left knee has also been really bothering me. Went last week for an x-ray. Nothing major showed up other than a swollen tendon. Going to the Dr.’s office tomorrow to talk to her more about it.

Monday: JM30DSL1 – We were just back from our vacation, and Mondays have traditionally been my grocery shopping days, so I fit in a workout at home instead of heading to the gym.
Tuesday: Fartlek workout. TERRIBLE run. 4 miles with 5 intervals 30 seconds of speed and 30 seconds of recovery. I went to a park by my old apartment, after buying a knee brace as recommended by my doc. It was not the right type of brace; it was resting right across where all of my pain was and made it much worse. I was incredibly frustrated and basically cried my way through this one.
Wednesday:  Final night of the run + yoga series. This was such a blast, I’m so glad I did it. Also ready to get back to post-work hill repeats on Wednesday nights!
Thursday: 1 mile before work. Going to my Weight Watchers meeting was much more a priority today and I’m glad I made that switch.
Friday: DOR
Saturday: DOR
Sunday:  Long run/Race Day – This was my 3rd time running the Gary Smith Worthington Classic. A great 5 mile race through the community where I work. This year, more than last year, I struggled in the heat. As I slogged through, I started panicking about the weather for the marathon.  If I can’t handle 5 miles in the heat, how will I handle 20 mile training runs in AUGUST? I think the race aspect had a lot more to do with it, and will be more conscious of pacing in the future. A little bummed that I seem to be getting slower instead of faster, but I’m still moving forward.

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