Food & Fitness Plan: August 7-August 13

August 7-August 13

Last week went *ok* on the food front, and not so ok on the fitness front. I was more inclined to sleep in every day than get up and at ’em for my workouts. I got a run in on Monday, Thursday and Sunday, but other than that I skipped out on all my gym classes nd generally felt meh about the week.

The week ahead is a little more normal and we have some tasty meals. I also decided to focus on fruits and veggies for snacks this week in an attempt to curb hunger at work.

Monday: Whole wheat spaghetti with homemade marinara (all from our CSA!)
Tuesday: Grilling out – Bobby Flay Cubano-style Burgers, corn & shishito peppers
Wednesday: Working late – throwing Emily Bite’s Buffalo Chicken in the crockpot. I usually cut the recipe in half and we still have leftovers.
Thursday: Eating dinner out – We have tickets to see My Morning Jacket at an outdoor venue, so we are hitting up Nada beforehand. My plan is to have a couple tacos and skip the chips & salsa this time. Thursday is weigh in day, but I don’t want to waste all my weeklies on my first night out.
Friday: Happy hour with a group from my gym session, then dinner is up in the air
Saturday: TBD – BF wants to grill out, I will be working all day.
Sunday: TBD – Going to the movies in the evening after work, hoping to get a decent meal in at home, a good night to get rid of leftovers.

Monday: Shape Up class @ gym
Tuesday: Speed work – 6 miles w/5 x 1:00 sprint 1:00 recovery – 3:00 rest – 5 x 1:00 sprint 1:00 recovery
Wednesday: Shape Up
Thursday: 4 miles easy in the morning before getting my day off started
Friday: Shape up & 3 mile hills
Saturday: DOR.
Sunday: Long Run with my training group – 14 miles


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