“Yesterday, you said tomorrow.”

It has been a busy few months. What do I mean by busy?  I mean we bought a house and moved in. I mean I left my old job and started a new one. I mean BF traveled for work and I traveled for work. I mean I ran a 50k. I mean I am TIRED.

YEP, just like that.

That also means that blogging has completely fallen by the wayside. The last post I wrote was a recap of The Athens Marathon. That was four months ago, and as the post reads, it was not my best day. However, I was able to redeem the race and my relationship with running by having a fun time at the Playin’ Possum 50k. I finished the 50k in 8 hours 22 minutes and had a lot of fun with just a little misery out there.

Possum 50k finish
Goofy Smiles and 32 Miles

In between Athens and Possom, I also had the chance to pace a friend at the O24 race and was able to fit in some overnight miles with her as she got her first 100k race done. The event was really inspiring and incredibly well done. Ultra running is such a supportive sport, I love the community it creates.

With all of these things going on, I have made some adjustments to my plans and I also feel like I am struggling with changes in routine. I decided to postpone the Chicago Marathon to 2018, and I am in training for Columbus this year. I have 2 full months to build on miles and it’s been a very up and down training session.  This pretty much sums it up:

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow nike logo
Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

Each week I have grand plans for mileage, strength classes and yoga. And by the end of the week, if I’ve completed 3/4ths of what I set out to do, it was a really good week. I say that today after deciding to spend the morning in bed, sleeping until almost 10am instead of getting up for the 5:45am class I had originally been planning. Part of that is the event we went to last night, part of it is that 5am is just never going to feel normal, and part if it is the terrible case of the ‘don’t wannas’ that has come over me.

But I am here, I am working and I am really trying to keep moving forward.


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