Food & Fitness Plan: July 31-August 6

July 31-August 6

TONS of events this week, so it’s not a pretty one, but I’m doing what I can to stay on track!

Monday: Apricot glazed drumsticks with quinoa. This was a winner, and another home run out of One Pan & Done by Molly Gilbert.
Tuesday: A fun night out at a “Mixology Challenge” followed by ill-advised but DELICIOUS food choices at Rockmill Tavern (hint, get the fried chicken sandwich)
Wednesday: Trying out another One Pan & Done recipe – roasted shrimp and chickpea salad. I also threw together this orzo salad (without chicken) to use up some leftover veggies
Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner… My favorite local blogger is celebrating 10 years of writing about breakfasts and beyond. It was a great intro back in to the dining scene here in Columbus when I moved home, and we also worked together on a few events at my former job, so I am really looking forward to celebrating this one!
Friday: TBD – I already just want to get home and go to bed.
Saturday: TBD – BF’s family is visiting, so meals out
Sunday: ONE MORE EVENT. We are heading to our local theater for a beer tasting and movie screening. The featured brewery is still TBD but the movie is Blazing Saddles. I’ve only been to one other beer tasting/film screening, and let’s just say they have generous pours on their beers. I need to pace myself, it’s a school night.

Monday: 14 mile run post work (I was happy to get in 12)
Tuesday: DOR
Wednesday: Shape Up & Fartleks (I slept through all of this, see above ‘mixology event’…)
Thursday: Early morning fartleks 6 miles at 6:00am
Friday: Shape up & 3 mile hills
Saturday: Yoga? Or sleep in…
Sunday: Long Run with my training group.



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