Training Winding Down- The Goal 30 Winding Up

The race is two weeks away! I had a great 20 miler on Tuesday. The pacing was uneven, but I managed to make those 20 miles happen solo, in my own head, at my own intervals, with a good nutrition plan, and I feel happy with what I made happen. I am definitely ready for some tapering; I will still try to run 3x a week at least, and want a few more yoga days in there too to loosen up. My left knee has been bothering me, and I have a referral to a PT that I have yet to act on, so one of next week’s goals is to give them a call. It might not make a difference on race day, but I want to have a plan in place to keep getting stronger!

Speaking of goals – have you heard of The Goal 30 (#thegoal30) yet? It is a simple but brilliant idea where you identify 30 short, non-scale related goals and set out to accomplish a goal a day for 30 days. This came about via ArielleSays on IG and was also written up by a few blogs that I follow – Roni Noone (What You Can When You Can – ready it! #wycwyc) and Kelly on her blog No Thanks to Cake. I thought I’d jump in and share my 30 goals for 30 days. It’s been a fun challenge so far and I love how it’s making me think more about the way I use my time, energy and emotions.

goal 30

In no particular order:
Meatless Monday
Go to Yoga Class at Columbus Sports Connection
Go to Yoga Class at Yoga Happiness
Run a 5:25 or under Marathon
Run a trail at night time
Have a veggie with every meal/snack
Go a work day without work snacks/candy
Finish Run to Lose
Go (back) to spin class
Try a new smoothie recipe
Drink 100oz water in a day
Track meals on My Fitness Pal
Stay within SmartPoints budget (M-F)
Stay within SmartPoints budget (Saturday)
Stay within SmartPoints budget (Sunday)
Work on cross stitch
Write postcards/letters
Write Thank You Cards (my birthday was July 1 – oops)
Sort and donate clothes
10,000 steps every day for a week
Run with Roxie
Walk on a lunch break/dinner break
11pm or earlier bedtime (M-F)
No phone 30 minutes before bed
No phone 30 minutes after waking up
Read work articles
Yoga dvd every morning (M-F)
Go to cardio sculpt

Some nutrition-based goals, some exercise based goals, and some “me time” based goals. I have a re-cap for the first week coming up soon!

What goals are you setting for yourself this week?


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