Week 10 – Half Way Point Slump

Hello, here we are. Just a little vision of how training is going right now:

So. Tired.

I have hit that point where I am just… tired. I’m having a hard time finding my motivation to get out the door on my runs, stick to my planned workouts, and get my mileage up as needed.

I have also been struggling more with food and drink choices. And I know that this is directly causing those feelings of ‘nope’ to get me out the door. I have known this for YEARS now. But there is some sort of mental block that I can’t get over. I’ve tried tracking, I’ve tried not tracking, I’ve tried having a dry month without any alcohol, I’ve tried new notebooks and journals, counting calories on MFP, counting steps on FitBit and I am still slowly gaining weight and losing miles.

I feel like there is a slump in every training program I’ve had so far, but this one feels much harder to get out of. The thought of a 16 mile run tomorrow sort of has me panicking because I don’t want to do it. At all. And that attitude is what ruins a good run.

How do you get out of a rut and over a plateau?! Fake it til you make it, I guess.


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