Erie Marathon Training: Weeks 6 & 7

Erie Marathon Training: Weeks 6 & 7

June 13-June 26
It’s getting hot out there, friends! Really getting acclimated to the heat and humidity over these past few weeks. Doing my best to stick to the schedule and I feel like I have a good base now to add more intensity over the next few weeks.
Week 6 (June 13-June 19)
Monday: Day off – went to the Dr. about my knee. Not great news, not terrible news. Waiting on a referral to a PT.
Tuesday: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred… Still on Level one.
Wednesday:  Post-work run. We got caught in the craziest of all downpours. Started with a light rain and by the time we were to the top of the hill, we were all completely soaked to the bone with heavy winds and rain. About 2 inches fell in 15 minutes!
Thursday: Walk before work
Friday: DOR
Saturday: 4 mile run. Had some friends visiting from out of town, so had to
Sunday:  Father’s Day – no run. My friends from out of town left this morning after brunch, so I didn’t manage to get my long run in.
Week 7 (June 20-26))
Monday: JM 30 Day Shred – I moved on to Level 2! Holy crap it was hard!
Tuesday: Speedwork – 5 miles w/1 minute on 1 minute off. Hot and horrible and slow. Slow speedwork is not fun.
Wednesday:  Easy 3 in the morning before work.
Thursday: Walk before work
Friday: Volunteered at ComFest – a lot of walking today!
Saturday: DOR – Had to work all day. Then go lease a new car (!!!)
Sunday:  13 miles. A struggle through the heat, but I’m glad I made it happen! I feel like these hot weather runs are getting a *little* more bearable. I at least feel like I am training in the weather that I can expect on race day. If it’s 50 degrees and raining? EVEN BETTER.

30 Day Shred Level 2!


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