Erie Marathon Training: Week 5

Erie Marathon Training: Week 5

June 6-12
This week was HOT. My left knee has also been really bothering me. Went last week for an x-ray. Nothing major showed up other than a swollen tendon. Going to the Dr.’s office tomorrow to talk to her more about it.

Monday: JM30DSL1 – We were just back from our vacation, and Mondays have traditionally been my grocery shopping days, so I fit in a workout at home instead of heading to the gym.
Tuesday: Fartlek workout. TERRIBLE run. 4 miles with 5 intervals 30 seconds of speed and 30 seconds of recovery. I went to a park by my old apartment, after buying a knee brace as recommended by my doc. It was not the right type of brace; it was resting right across where all of my pain was and made it much worse. I was incredibly frustrated and basically cried my way through this one.
Wednesday:  Final night of the run + yoga series. This was such a blast, I’m so glad I did it. Also ready to get back to post-work hill repeats on Wednesday nights!
Thursday: 1 mile before work. Going to my Weight Watchers meeting was much more a priority today and I’m glad I made that switch.
Friday: DOR
Saturday: DOR
Sunday:  Long run/Race Day – This was my 3rd time running the Gary Smith Worthington Classic. A great 5 mile race through the community where I work. This year, more than last year, I struggled in the heat. As I slogged through, I started panicking about the weather for the marathon.  If I can’t handle 5 miles in the heat, how will I handle 20 mile training runs in AUGUST? I think the race aspect had a lot more to do with it, and will be more conscious of pacing in the future. A little bummed that I seem to be getting slower instead of faster, but I’m still moving forward.


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