Erie Marathon Training: Weeks 2-4

Erie Marathon Training: Weeks 2-4

May 16-June 5
Happily plugging away and getting my miles in!  New goal is of course to keep up with the recaps. It’s always harder to remember the workouts after they happen! I feel like I haven’t missed many workouts recently, but I’m still trying to find my way in to a routine.
Week 2 (May 16-22)
Monday: Cardio Sculpt class at my gym – really enjoyed the challenge. It is taught by the same instructor as my regular spin class, and since I’m thinking of phasing that out for speed work, it was nice to work with her again!
Tuesday: Spin Class – I realized this one was a mistake after it was over because I was SO sore!
Wednesday:  Walk + yoga. Stayed a little late at work and ended up missing the start of the group run. Was also SUPER sore so the walk was needed. Great evening of yoga, too!
Thursday: 4 mile run at Highbanks Metro Park
Friday: DOR – Won tickets to a beer festival! Had such a great time!
Saturday: DOR
Sunday:  Long run – 7 miles (ran through our neighborhood. Heat and humidity starting to creep in)
Week 3 (May 23-29)
Monday: Cardio Sculpt again. Different instructor, did not enjoy it as much but still got a heck of a good workout!
Tuesday: 4.5 miles of “speed work”. 2 miles at race pace, and also nearly tripping up a flight of stairs to really get the heart rate up!
Wednesday:  3 mile run & yoga @ Balance Yoga
Thursday: 4 miles with the Turtles – last run with them b/c my summer work schedule has changed
Friday: DOR – Concert after work!
Saturday: Long Run – 9 trail miles @ Delaware State Park. Got this one done early because Sunday we had a lot of family celebrations
Sunday:  DOR – my niece graduated high school!
week 3
Week 4 (May 30-June 5)
Monday: Couch bound for most of the day – did not feel well at all!
Tuesday: JM30DSL1 – Needed to ease back in with strength, but didn’t have time for class b/c we needed a big grocery trip for the weekend!
Wednesday:  4ish miles with speedwork. Late leaving work and ended up getting caught in a storm. Not my best day.
Thursday: Evening walk for work
Friday: DOR – we drove to a cabin in the woods! No Internet, no phones, no nothing. Just books, some DVDs, records and our dog.
Saturday: Nice hike at Burr Oak State Park. Muggy day, but great hiking.
Sunday:  10 miles. This was the hardest run to date. It was after a LONG week, it was after vacation, it was after 2 hours in the car, and it was at my LEAST favorite time to run. Who goes running at 3:30pm on a Sunday (other than my friend Mike who I ran in to on the trail!).  I got caught in a soaking wet downpour at mile 1. But I knew that if i didn’t keep going, I would not get this one done. It ended up getting crazy humid, the trail was steaming, I got caught in a few more pop up rain showers. BUT I FINISHED IT.
week 4 - super proud.


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