Food & Fitness Plan 2016 Marathon Training Week 2

Monday: Bahn Mi Bowls w/pork (prepared in this style) with inspiration from Slender Kitchen and Budget Bytes. We make ours with quinoa, and I prefer red cabbage instead of greens, but honestly as soon as these things came in to my life, I wanted them every week. I was pretty disappointed that my local grocery store was out of Gardein! I usually use the mandarin “chicken” but there was ZERO Gardein in the case. BOO, KROGER!
Tuesday: Roasted Shrimp Salad & Superfood Salad
Wednesday: Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli and cauliflower rice (they FINALLY had some at Trader Joe’s
Thursday: Lentil soup (a la Alice Waters)
Friday: Concert downtown (Food Trucks!) My favorite local band is playing the summer kick-off at this Bike to Work Day event downtown.
Saturday: Grilling out – BF got us a fancy new grill, and he’s dying to fire it up. I’m not sure what we are having, but I think wings are on his menu. I know we also have shishito peppers so it might be a good time to cook those too.
Sunday: Pasta (a la Ruth Reichl) Monday is the day my cookbook club meets, and I like to test out a few recipes beforehand. Some selections include the “painless pasta for three” and the “spaghetti alla carbonara”. The Alice Waters soup recipe is for the same meeting. I am also attempting to make my own almond milk!

Monday: Cardio Sculpt – ouch.
Tuesday: Spin Class – OUCH.
Wednesday: 4 Miles with CRC & Yoga @ Balanced Yoga
Thursday: 3 Miles – A.M.
Friday: Yoga DVD – A.M.
Saturday: Walk
Sunday: 7 Miles


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