Erie Marathon Training: Week 1

Erie Marathon Training: Week 1

May 09- 15, 2016
Made it through Week One almost completely solo. Didn’t have as many group runs or weekly meet-ups this week due to a wonky schedule but made it through most of the workouts I had planned for the week.

 Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred L1
Tuesday: Spin Class
Wednesday:  3 mile run + yoga
Thursday: 3 mile run (with a little improvised trail running)
Friday: DOR – Skipped my planned run. Not a great way to get started!
Saturday: DOR – had to work and did not get a workout in. (Verbatim what I wrote last season – oooooops)
Sunday:  Long run – 6 miles (visited a new park & ran on a more technical trail – hence the elevation)

My next marathon is going to be the Erie Marathon, held on September 11. My BF’s family is in Erie, and it’s a short drive (less than 4 hours) from home. Since we will be staying with family, we are also planning on bringing our dog. Roxie (our rescue) is a total basketcase who can’t be boarded. She stayed with my brother when we were out of town for the KDF mini marathon a few weeks ago. She was fine for the first two days, but decided to completely destroy his house about an hour before we got home. I had no idea getting a dog would be so stressful. She is absolutely the sweetest thing in the world, but traveling has become way more difficult than it was before!

Three weeks after Erie, I am doing something WAY out of my comfort zone and joining a team of runners at the Buckeye Country Ragnar Trail Relay. I am incorporating trail runs in when I can, right now there is a group meeting on Sundays and running different Metro Parks so it’s a good experience to get in new terrain. The trail runs are way more challenging but also very rewarding!


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