Race Recap: Columbus Marathon 2015

Columbus Marathon 2015 Race Recap

My #CbusMarathon Takeaways:

1. Having friends run 13 miles at the beginning of a race is a true blessing
2. Having family along the way always helps
3. Columbus is flat, but not THAT flat

The Expo
After 2.5 years in Columbus, I really really feel a part of my FrontRunner community.  It’s a small but mighty group, and I have found a good home with my 11s (or 12s depending on the day).  So when I headed to the expo this time, I had lots of friendly faces to say ‘hello’ to.  I was able to pick up my packet with no issue, visit with some friends, pick up posterboard so BF could make a sign, and also purchase warm throw away clothes from Goodwill.

Race Day Recap
I was up and at em by about 5:15 Sunday morning.  Had my Kashi GoLean and Almond Milk breakfast, plus a banana.  I met my running group at a hotel close by the start line.  We all posed for our now traditional Meb-inspired photo:

I talked to a few friends about running the first half with me.  One friend is training for a 50k(!!!) and the other had a Full coming up the next month.  Having people to chat with at the start line, and to know they would be there for the next 2+ hours, that really calmed my nerves.  They didn’t have any time goals, and we were able to just… run. I did feel bad about slowing them down, but I know that they really wanted to help me out.  It made a really big difference.

I saw BF at Mile 14, then it was time to really buckle down, and dig in.  I had 12+ miles to go and I was on my own out there!  I put on my music, started my interval timer, and got in to my own head.  I experienced a pretty significant wall around mile 17-18. A sort-of uphill becomes A GIANT MOUNTAIN when you’ve been running for three and a half hours. I also started having some typical tummy trouble (no more GU, please), and also knew that my TOM was starting. Which it did. In the middle of the race. That potty break wound up being about 10 minutes off of my race time.

As I got closer to Grandview, which is where I knew my family would be, my walk breaks had become significantly longer.  And my run breaks felt excruciatingly difficult. It was a tough gamble.  But then the course started to head downhill a little, and I got to see my folks.  It’s so nice to know when & where people will be!  I stopped for a bit to chat with them, and it really boosted my energy.  That plus the huge downhill at Mile 22-23ish gave me surge I needed to finish with a smile on my face.

PR Gong
One great thing about the Columbus Marathon is that it is truly a celebration for the runner.  There is fun, there is on-course entertainment, and all the rest, but I really feel like this is a “runner’s race.”  They think of everything, including the opportunity to loudly celebrate your PRs!  And I got one!  5:28:47.  I’m still not the fastest girl on the block, but I keep getting better.


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