A donut-fueled reflection

After my first trail run yesterday, I was introduced to an amazing little donut shop, inhaled two donuts and brought a half dozen home. BF had two when I got home, we split one for dessert, and I had another for breakfast today.  
As I sat there, yes loving every bite of the donut, I was thinking about how I never would have done this 2 years ago. My relationship with food has become unchecked. For awhile, I was trying to control every bite that went in to my mouth – and that was a huge struggle too.  
Now, it’s back to “No holds barred” and I’m eating and drinking whatever I want. I try to keep in check, I eat mostly healthy foods, and then the monster of craving rears her head and I’m back to square one. Again. And again. But after some meal planning, fridge stocking, and donut disappearing, I’m ready to find a fitter, stronger, more aware self. This means focusing on my Good Health Guidelines, drinking more water, and ENJOYING my choices with confidence.



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