Columbus Marathon Training Week 15

Columbus Marathon Training: Week 15

September 21-September 27, 2015

 1.6 mile dog walk
Tuesday: Spin  class
Wednesday: 1 mile dog walk/3.7 mile run with running buddies
Thursday: 2 mile shakeout run with running buddies
Friday: 20 mile run!!!
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: Tentative – 7.5 mile run with training group  I opted to sleep in today. It was glorious.

A lot more activity this week – yay!  I am noticing my lack of yoga though, I am feeling really tight after the 20 mile run.  Foam rolling is in my future.  I am happy that I committed to more running days, even if they were short runs.

For my 20 miler, I decided to do it on my own because I had the day off – this is a working weekend for me and the thought of going to work for 5 hours after a 20 mile run felt overwhelming.  The running group is meeting at a far out location, and I don’t think I would have had time to run with them and get ready for work anyway. Plus – NOW IT’S DONE!  While I was running, I enlisted some friends (without them knowing) to keep me motivated. I sent a Snapchat out for every mile I completed and let them know from Mile 1 that I was doing 20 for the day. From mile 1-6 it felt silly, and then from 7 on, I knew I couldn’t stop because I was accountable to finish up those miles.  Here is a ridiculous compilation of my morning:


I love these pictures for how REAL they feel. Running is not a pretty sport, at least not for me!  The struggle is real.


1 thought on “Columbus Marathon Training Week 15”

  1. Way to go! This is truly inspirational. The Columbus Marathon will be my first marathon – what do you eat, and drink during each long run? I see you have a Cliff bar at mile five. Is that enough to get you through?

    Mike Podesta
    Marketing Assistant
    Central Ohio Primary Care

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