Columbus Marathon Training Week 10

Columbus Marathon Training: Week 10

August 17-August 23, 2015

 DOR – Iron Yoga DVD – This one is tough, and totally worth it.
Tuesday: Spin class, it was great! My arms felt like spaghetti, but in the good way.
Wednesday: 5ish miles of speedwork, felt good!
Thursday: DOR (Dog walk)
Friday: DOR (Dog walk)
Saturday: 2 mile dog walk then we participated in the AHA Heart Walk! 3 miles on a beautiful day!
Sunday: 16 mile long run. Started strong with the 11:00 minute pace group and got the first 8 done. Dropped off for the 2nd half and took some walk breaks, but still felt happy that I finished the distance.

I was happy to get in a day of speedwork this week, but I wish i would have had more running days. My time has been more dedicated to settling Ms. Roxie in to her new home this week, so I’m happy with that. Tomorrow we head to the vet. We went today for a “happy visit” and she barked at a lot of other dogs there, so keep your fingers crossed!
This week is a vacation week. I took a walk today, I plan on spin class tomorrow, hills Wednesday, slow run Thursday, rest day Friday, and a run around the Erie Peninsula Saturday! 18 miles on our long run calendar this week!


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