Columbus Marathon Training: Week 9

Columbus Marathon Training: Week 9

August 10-August 9, 2015

 DOR – I started my morning at the dentist office. It was… terrible.
Tuesday: 2.9 Mile walk. I had to skip spin class – we had a rescue puppy come visit, and we will get to adopt her on Thursday!
Wednesday: 2.5 mile run in the morning.
Thursday: DOR – Our new dog (Roxie) came to live with us today!

resuce dog
Welcome home, Roxie!

Friday: 2 mile walk with the doggy
Saturday:2 mile walk with the doggy
Sunday: 10 mile run. The first 6 miles were ok. We stopped for fuel and then started out to get the last 4 done. The humidity had really kicked in, and I started having trouble catching my breath. The last few miles were full of run/walk breaks, but still managed to average an 11:30 pace this morning. But it wasn’t (*heaves*) pretty!

Just waiting in the Starbucks drive-thru…

A very laid back week in terms of training, but momentous in terms of our household! I am so happy that we found this sweet girl through a local rescue, and that everyone agreed we would be a good match. We still have to work on separation anxiety and leeriness of other dogs, but we are absolutely willing to do what we have to to make her comfortable, and an amiable dog for all of our friends and family!


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