Columbus Marathon Training: Week 8

Columbus Marathon Training: Week 8

August 3-August 9, 2015

 Yoga DVD. I’ve been using this gentle yoga dvd for a few years now, and I really love it when I “don’t want to do anything”. Every time I do it, I love it.
Tuesday: Spin class. It was very tough and I felt like puking! Whoo hoo!
Wednesday: 4.5 miles in the morning before work.
Thursday:  DOR – but we walked all around our State Fair! Yay deep fried Nutter Butters!
Friday:  Tried out my Iron Yoga DVD. It was a pleasing challenge! We also went to meet a sweet doggie that we are hoping to adopt next week! Fingers crossed!
Saturday: DOR – I was exhausted after work
Sunday:  15 mile training run – took it nice and easy today. It was crazy hot! Then we went on a canoe trip- FINALLY! We have had a rainy summer, and I’ve been working a lot of weekends, so we finally got out on the water!

Fingers crossed we get to adopt a rescue pup this week! When we went to meet her, I fell in love with the sweet girl! I may have a little run buddy soon!



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