Columbus Marathon Training: Week 7

Columbus Marathon Training: Week 7

July 27 -August 2, 2015

Tuesday: 2.8 mile walk in the morning followed by Spin class
Wednesday: Yoga DVD in the morning. SHORT walk with Walking Club in the evening (we got rained on!)
Thursday: 4 mile run
Friday: 3 mile walk in the morning followed by a 5 mile run with 6x 1min on:1min off sprints
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: 13 miles

Today’s long run was an interesting one. We had a party Saturday evening and it was a great night!  I managed to have a few glasses of wine in my pre-measured glass, and kept the snacking in check. Didn’t get to bed until about 11:30 so getting up at 5:45am was a challenge. I wasn’t feeling well at the first half of the run and I was behind my group for the first 5 miles.  Met back up at our turnaround and managed to get the other 8 done. Took it very easy and felt better when it was over!

I made up my goal of three runs and this week. Next week, we have a fundraiser and a visit to the State Fair, so lots of good food on the menu – which means I need to fit in as much activity as I can! Picked up a DVD from work called Iron Yoga that incorporates hand weights with yoga poses. I’m looking forward to that one, then spin Tuesday, Wednesday morning run, Thursday morning yoga, Friday speed work and Sunday long run!


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