Columbus Marathon Training: Week 6

Columbus Marathon Training: Week 6

July 20 -July 26, 2015

 DOR -Road trip + recovering from RnR Chi
Tuesday: DOR – Took the morning to meal plan and grocery shop
Wednesday:  Yoga DVD in AM, Speed Work with running group in the PM!
Thursday: Headed back to my Yoga class – I always miss it
Friday: 3 Mile total walk – I met my mom for breakfast and decided to walk! 1.5 miles there and back
Saturday: Lunch break walk
Sunday: 12 mile run with my running group

Race bling!

This week, I gathered all of my medals together at once and showed off the accomplishments!  There are a lot of memories there, and also a lot of reminders.  I need to remember how proud I should be of crossing every finish line, and I need to try and get back to finding my happy place in running!  My last few races over 5ks have really  been a mental struggle so I need to remember how to find my joy!

It was a pretty light week as far as running goes.  In fact, aside from some speed work on Wednesday, I didn’t run at all until Sunday’s long run, but I was really  happy to get back to my yoga class on Thursday night.  The long run was a challenge today because it started out very humid, started sprinkling, then the skies opened up for a full downpour. And we weren’t even halfway through the run. And we were running up a giant hill.  It made for a lot of squishy shoes, and that ultimate I AM A BADASS feeling after the run!

Next week’s goal: Three running days!


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