Columbus Marathon Training: Week 5

Columbus Marathon Training: Week 5

July 13-July 19

 2 mile walk followed by 3.5 mile run!  Getting ready for my trip to Chicago for the Half Marathon, so this week is a cutback.
Tuesday: Spin class!
Wednesday:  2 mile walk with Walking Club
Thursday: 4 mile run  with my Thursday night Turtles!
Saturday:  Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago 5k – it was a SCORCHER.  But I did love enjoying my old lakefront running!

RnR Chicago 5k

RnR Chicago 5k

Sunday:  Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon.  2:49:41.  This is not my best half marathon time by far.  In fact, I was over 20 minutes away from a PR.  However, I kept reminding myself to “find my joy” in running. In Chicago. In the heat.  I was really happy with crossing the finish line – however I spent the rest of the day not feeling great.  Dehydration is no joke, and I want to work on my fueling plan for warm days.  I.E. avoid “runner’s trots”!

Pre-RnR Chicago Half!

Heat is a challenge. It was when I started Couch to 5k, it was when I ran the Bastille Day 8k and there was no water, it was when I ran the Women’s Half Marathon right before I left Chicago, it was a major problem in Nashville (helllllooooo, sunburn!).  So, now I need to continue to learn from these challenging races and figure out what I can do to stay healthy when it’s so warm!



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