Columbus Marathon Training: Week 2

Columbus Marathon Training: Week 2

June 22-28, 2015
This was admittedly a pretty sad week of training.  😦  I wasn’t feeling very well at the beginning of the week, then we had family visiting for a big festival that ended up getting pretty washed out with rain, so my own calendar was just off all week!

DOR – Sick
Tuesday: 1.5 mile walk – usually this is the day that I have Spin class, but I was able to get in to my dr’s office for an appointment, so I managed to fit in some activity in the evening.
Wednesday:  Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD
Thursday: 4 mile run
Friday: DOR – Festival
Saturday: DOR – Festival
Sunday:  DOR – Festival

I’m not one to complain, but last week was a DOOZY.  I started off the week not feeling great, but was really looking forward to the festival over the weekend.  It’s a big city wide festival with food, art, and lots of music.  It’s a great time to sit outside, listen to local bands, and enjoy a plastic mug full o’beer.

I volunteered on Friday, and by the time I was finished, it was raining, with no sign of letting up.  We met BF’s family and took them to a friend’s house, but eventually the entire festival was shut down for the day so that night was done.  On Saturday, we grabbed lunch and then I discovered that I had a flat tire! Booooooooo.  Spent a couple hours dealing with that, and then by the time we got to the festival, it was windy and chilly and eventually it was just too cold to be fun anymore!  So we packed up and went back to our friends’ and ordered pizza.  Sunday turned in to a beautiful day, though, and I managed to push 3 days of festival fun all in to the 6 hours we were there.  I had a blast, but I was feeling the after effects yesterday and it was exhausting….

BUT I am so ready to be back on track, it’s not even funny.  But guess what IS funny?  The fact that my birthday is tomorrow, and the 4th of July is Saturday, and I am on staycation all next week.  I would really like to give myself the gift of starting to lose the weight that has been creeping back on recently, so I am going to spend as much time as I can next week really focusing on what is holding me back.


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