Food and Fitness Plan 2015 Week 24

FINALLY a “normal” work week ahead, and I got to plan our meals and grocery shop this morning.  I am hoping to stay on track, my weekend was totally derailed.  Lots of activity but also lots of indulgence.

Monday: Banh Mi Bowls with leftover chicken (I think I need to write up my own version of this recipe, it’s turned out great twice)
Tuesday: Chipotle Mac & Cheese and a kale quinoa salad
Wednesday: Pork tenderloin with peach rosemary jam and roasted vegetables
Thursday: Refried bean tostadas
Friday: TBD (perhaps Fake Shake Shack burgers?)
Saturday: TBD (working)
Sunday:  TBD (working) (perhaps Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf Muffins)

Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spin
Wednesday: Evening Fartlek workout (it’s been awhile since I did any speedwork)
Thursday: Yoga @ Gym
Friday: Easy run 4-5 miles
Saturday: Walk at lunch (working)
Sunday: 6 mile long run (working)

Hope you have a good week!


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