Food and Fitness Plan 2015 Week 20

I had a really great weigh-in last week… and then promptly used up all my weekly points by Saturday.  Why do I always do that?!  However, I am still trying to do better with my snacking, we have a fridge stocked full of fruit and yogurt, and I’ve got a pretty solid meal plan for the beginning of the week.  Here goes –

Monday: Taco Stuffed Peppers
Tuesday: Banh Mi Bowls inspired by this but probably going to be more like this
Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner!  (We visited the Farmer’s Market this weekend and since produce is going quick this early in the season, we ended up buying ham and eggs. Hence, brinner!)
Thursday: Meeting a coworker out for dinner at my favorite pizza spot (they also have excellent salads)
Friday: Potentially spending a Groupon at the Explorer’s Club
Saturday: TBD
Sunday: TBD but I’d like to attempt these Mac & Cheese cups since I forgot that last week was Mother’s Day and we grilled out as a family!

Monday: Yoga DVD
Tuesday: Spin
Wednesday: Fartlek workout after work
Thursday: DOR
Friday: 30-45 minute walk @ Lunch
Saturday: 5k run – Race for the Cure (There’s still time to donate to my page!)
Sunday: 6 mile long run

After the marathon (recap coming soon, I promise), I took a week off to recover.  Then I went straight in to training for a half in July.  That race falls in the beginning of my marathon training for October.  I love having the structure of when to run and for how long, it’s really keeping me focused.  Leading up to the half, my training plan is to work each of the following in to every week: yoga, cross training, speed work (my race is in Chicago so I won’t need as many hill workouts), an easy running day, a long run day, a walk day and a rest day.  As I evaluate my social and work events at the beginning of the week, I find it much easier to work out and commit to my schedules.  Here is wishing you a successful week ahead!


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Bibliophilic webrarian. Avid novice runner. Weight Watcher.
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