RnR Nashville Training: Week(s) 16-17

How I taper… Maybe too much?

Week 16
Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spin
Wednesday: The humidest day of hills. It was horrible and great at the same time.  Horrible weather, great to get used to the heat and humidity after weeks of snow running.
Thursday: Better weigh in today, and then I went for a walk after (instead of yoga)
Friday: More moving and cleaning of my apartment
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: Skipped my group run, I was not feeling well at all and slept in before work.

Look at what these hills did to me!!
Look at what these hills did to me!!


Week 17
Monday: 11.5 miles. This was another warm run, and I felt really sluggish at the end, but got it done!
Tuesday: Had to work early today, no spin….
Wednesday: Hills – my last group hill run before the race!
Thursday: My work schedule was wonky, so I was working until 6:00. Once work was over, I just didn’t want to do anything.  I aimlessly wandered through Target and waited for it to stop raining.  All in all, 2 runs this week, but I think that’s ok!
Friday: Final day of packing and cleaning at my old apartment!
Saturday: It was my last big project at work for the spring. I had a very busy day and was so happy to put the past few months behind me!  A lot of successes but also a lot of anxiety!
Sunday: My last group run with my training group!  8 miles done. I’ll miss these guys, but I think we have lots of miles ahead of us.  Everyone is so supportive and willing to drag each other along!

My Sunday morning run buddies!
My Sunday morning run buddies!

We leave on Friday for Nashville!  If I have time, I’ll post my race plan (and my packing list)!


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