RnR Nashville Training: Week(s) 14-15

Training is winding down! As I am writing this, I have officially started to taper… and I am feeling really good about how my past few long runs have gone!

Week 14
Monday: DOR
Tuesday: I skipped my spin class, my body still needed some recovery time. I really missed the class!
Wednesday: Hills. Sadly, I didn’t take any notes on this one, other than… We ran hills!
Thursday: Bad, like really bad, like +4.0 gain at weigh in. Instead of yoga, I decided to go for a long walk.
Friday: DOR – spent the day starting to pack up my apartment for a move
Saturday: DOR – Work
Sunday: 12 miles on our really tough hill course. It was a stomach churning run for me, I did not feel good for most of the morning.

Week 15
Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Made it back to spin!  Yay!
Wednesday: I had a late start at work, so I took a 2.5 mile walk today before I had to leave
Thursday: ANOTHER not so great weigh in.  I ran my hills and got in another 8 miles of humid torture.
Friday: DOR
Saturday: MOVING DAY!  Between 8am and 1pm, we unpacked 2 carloads of boxes, 2 couches, 2 tables, six chairs, my mattress, my clothes and countless other boxes of BOOKS.
Sunday: Second 20 miler done. On the most tired legs. With some sad tummy issues. For this run, I ran the first 10 miles with my group, and my 2nd 10 by myself.  It had been awhile since I had run alone, and so it was good to make sure I had that will power in me to keep going instead of relying on my group to pull me through (which they always do).  This particular course led me all the way up a huge hill, which is probably good training for what to expect during the run itself.  After my cool down and stretching, I grabbed all the usual things I have after a run (chocolate milk, water, gatorade and a bagel) but I felt nauseous the entire afternoon until about 3:00.  Then I had a few cocktails. And then I was asleep before 9pm.

Bye bye, week 13!
Bye bye, week 15!

Tapering, and it feels so good!


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