RnR Nashville Training: Week 13

Hello! Remember when I was all about the WARM WEATHER we got last week?  Guess what?  It’s SNOWING right now. Good thing I haven’t packed away those layers quite yet.

Week 13
Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spin
Wednesday: Hills.  I have to say, I REALLY did not want to run at all tonight.  This is where accountability comes in.  On Wednesday nights, I meet a few running buddies and we suffer our hill workouts together.  There are at least 3 of us who meet, and this week one person was out of town. So I had one friend waiting for me after I got done with work. I can’t even explain how badly I wanted to cancel.  But just knowing he was there made me show up anyway. We did compromise, and only run about half of our regular workout,  but the point is, I did SOMETHING.
Thursday: Morning Yoga. Great way to start a few days off.
Friday: Got a few miles in, felt pretty good. It was really humid, but the weather was cool.
Saturday: DOR
Sunday: 20. TWO-ZERO. TWENTY MILES. 2×10. WE GOT IT OUT OF THE WAY.  There comes a time in any training plan where you just think… I am NEVER going to make it to that. I CAN’T DO THAT. But this weekend, with the help of a great group of runners, we DID it.  We talked, we grimaced, we laughed, and we got each other through what is traditionally the toughest run of a training schedule.

I am happy to have it behind me.  My brain was a little fuzzy after the run yesterday, and I have some aches and pains today, but I am really happy to be over the mental hurdle of saying “I can’t do that.”  In terms of recovery, I am thinking I might opt for a yoga class tomorrow instead of spin, but we’ll see how I feel when I wake up.  Less than 5 weeks to go!


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Bibliophilic webrarian. Avid novice runner. Weight Watcher.
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