RnR Nashville Training: Week(s) 7-9

Time for even more catch-up.  I seem to have hit my midseason breaking point where I needed to step away and take a little break.  The break was necessary, but I definitely felt it in my bones last night when I got back on the treadmill last night!

Week 7
Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spin
Wednesday: Hills
Thursday: Yoga – Our regular instructor was out of town and the sub was really nervous! Not a very relaxing class, but fine nonetheless.
Friday: DOR
Saturday: DOR early morning presentation for work
Sunday: 12 miles. This was our first meeting at one of the toughest courses with my running group. I didn’t sleep well the night before, I drank too much, I overslept, and the course was icy. I complained the entire run. It was not at all pretty.

Week 8
Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spin class
Wednesday: Snowy hill workout
Thursday: DOR
Friday: Treadmill run 3 miles
Saturday: DOR – vacation
Sunday: DOR- I planned to run in Chicago but there was a lot of snow and it was freezing. So I took some time off.
Week 9
Monday: Vacation
Tuesday: Vacation
Wednesday: Vacation
Thursday: I decided to atone for my weekend indulgences and hit the treadmill instead of going to Weight Watchers. Went to a challenging yoga class after, a good day!
Friday:3 mile walk on the treadmill – the weather report was predicting snow for Saturday, so I decided to get some activity in before getting stuck.
Saturday:We got all the snow! Stayed home and got caught up on tv.
Sunday:14 miles in the powdery snow. What a mess! It was really a struggle, probably the most physically challenging runs I’ve had in ages. Felt great when it was over, but what a struggle.


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