RnR Nashville Training Week 10

Can’t believe it, but I’ve made it through ten weeks now! As the weeks to race day are getting shorter, I’m planning on sneaking in a short recovery run on Mondays. I also want to better commit myself to yoga now that my travelling is behind me. Here is last week’s recap:
Monday: DOR
Tuesday:Spin. I hate missing this class. It’s definitely a highlight of my week, and the time when I get the most cardio in. Wednesday:  7 mile hill workout. We got in 3 hill repeats after work.
Thursday: DOR. I finally went to weigh in and face up to the 17lbs I’ve gained from goal. Stayed after my meeting and talked to the leader about myself, my goals, my training, and got some good advice on getting back to a reasonable goal. Missed yoga but had errands to run for the week.
Friday:DOR – out of town.
Saturday: DOR – out of town.
Sunday: I’m in the car driving back from visiting BF’s family and going on a charity bar crawl. I plan on getting my 16 mile run in once we get home, and I kept that in the back of my mind all day yesterday. I am sleepy today, and it’s snowing like crazy, but I really want to get it done!


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