Food and Fitness Plan 2015 Week 2

Apologies for being a day late, and really lame on this plan, but I am wildly uninspired to cook right now!  Also have a lot going on that makes the week unusual, but I am going to make the best possible choices I can!


Monday: hot chicken takeover leftovers. (we are spoiled by hot chicken!)
Tuesday: pasta + sauce, roasted veg
Wednesday: it’s restaurant week, so we might check out someplace new.  This event benefits local charities, and is a great way to sample different menus.
Thursday: well, we are heading out of town the next day, so I may sweep out my fridge, or just get a veggie stuffed bowl from acre or north star!
Saturday: VACATION


Monday: DOR
Tuesday:  Spin
Wednesday: Post-work 5 mile hill work
Thursday: Weight Watchers Weigh In and Yoga .
Friday: DOR – Travel Day
Saturday: Hike ? (Vacation)
Sunday: Morning run – 10 miles (hopefully on the beach!)

Being uninspired, and also getting ready for a vacation, is not the best for my budget plan this week, or for staying in control.  We will be heading to L.A. and even though most of our plans revolve around food (In-N-Out Burger for him, Wurstkuche for her) I am hoping to get at least one run on the beach in to my schedule… just what the dr. ordered:



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Bibliophilic webrarian. Avid novice runner. Weight Watcher.
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