RnR Nashville Training: Week 2

Second week of marathon training = Done!

Tuesday: Crosstraining: Spin class with weights. It was an incredible class.  Very crowded, lots of people were probably off work, and we worked our butts off!
Wednesday:  Last run of 2014!!  Had a great run after my Weight Watchers meeting, but it was COLD.  The first true cold weather run of the year, my toes were numb and I needed a face covering…  forgot what that was like!
Thursday: DOR.  Normally a yoga day, but New Years Day has thrown me off my routine.  Instead we sat around and ATE ALL DAY.
Friday: 4.2 miles, and the weather was awesome.  A warmish day, 4.5 miles done.  Felt great!
Saturday: DOR.  Probably my last 3 days of rest week!
Sunday:  7 mile long run.  Our training group started up today, and it was terrible weather this morning!  We met at 7:30 in the dark, with some wind and rain.  Just as we started, the rain picked up and it was pretty nasty.  We ended up tacking an extra mile on since our race is earlier than the training group’s goal, and by the time we were finished, it was sunny.  🙂
Total Miles:16

I felt really great getting back with a solid running group.  Since my move in July of 2013, I have been working towards finding a new ‘tribe’.  I left behind a running community that I was just starting to get comfortable with, and it’s taken awhile to warm up to a new group, but this morning felt different.  I chose to train with FrontRunner primarily because their Sunday morning schedule works with my work schedule.  What I have found is that they are a casual and comfortable group of runners who are all very supportive of each other.


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