RnR Nashville Training: Week 1

First week of marathon training = Done!

DOR (a great way to start a training week!)
Tuesday: Crosstraining: Spin class with weights
Wednesday:  4.5 miles on the trail.  I ran in my elf socks since it was Christmas Eve, after all!  Got a lot of smiles out of fellow runners, I love that!
Thursday: DOR. Normally, this will be a yoga day, but it was Christmas and there was just way too much going on!
Friday: 2.8 miles on the treadmill after work.
Saturday: A very lazy day of rest…  Normally this may be a walking or short running day, depending on my work schedule.  With the holidays, though, I really enjoyed having a day on the couch.  My back was also bothering me in the afternoon/evening so I’m glad I took it easy.
Sunday:  Long run, got 5.7ish miles in!  Met with my running buddy, and we ran together.
Total Miles:13

Week 1
Week 1

It always feels good to get back to running with other people.  I love running on my own, so I can have time to think and also walk when I need to.  However, the long runs are so much better with other people.  For the Half Marathon training, my running buddy wasn’t able to join the training group, and I missed having her, but it was also a great motivator for me to meet new people.  There is a great group at my pace and we are looking forward to running together again.  We all have races around the same time, and I can’t wait to see them again.  The official group runs start next week!

My weekly plan is:

Monday: DOR
Tuesday: Spin class for crosstraining
Wednesday: Run (with speed work)
Thursday: Yoga class
Friday: Run
Saturday: Run/Walk/DOR
Sunday: Long Run

I don’t want to give up my spin class, it really gets me motivated every week, and I really need yoga to wind down. I think this schedule is a manageable one for me, and allows for some flexibility to run long on Saturdays if I need to make adjustments.


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