Food and Fitness Plan Week 16

How is everyone doing this weekend?  I had my first weekend off in a long time, and I gotta say, it’s been pretty excellent.

Friday night I had my work Christmas party.  We had a great time chatting with my coworkers, then got to wander around Ohio Village, this recreation of an 1800s town square.  During the holidays, it becomes A Dickens of a Christmas.  There are carolers, Victorian Christmas crafts, roasting chestnuts, and a tavern serving spiced (spiked) cider.  Our fantastic bartender was very uh generous with his pours, so we had a great time.

Saturday was absolutely everything I wanted it to be.  I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for an hour while I got caught up on Serial.  Have you listened to it yet?  It’s pretty incredible.  After getting a little over 3 miles in (and  a decent sweat from the incline), we headed to brunch then the grocery store.  And then?  I sat down and watched Harry Potter movies from noon-10pm.  Um, I was a happy girl.

Today, I made it to my Core class and I was down 1lb for my weigh in.  I want to keep that trend up this week, but that might be a little tricky considering we are spending the weekend travelling to visit BF’s family for the holidays.  HEALTHY CHOICES and MINDFUL EATING.


Monday: thai chicken peanut wraps
Tuesday: corn and potato chowder
Wednesday: mac & cheese w/roasted broccoli 
Thursday: left overs
Friday: a stop at acre before we hit the road perhaps
Saturday: on the road
Sunday: on the road


Monday: DOR
Tuesday:  Spin
Wednesday: Evening run
Thursday: weigh-in day.  yoga class.
Friday: 30 minute morning run
Saturday: what can I get in on the road? walk or run I hope
Sunday: walk or run before the drive home

this week was much better, fitness-wise.  i got in all my planned workouts and felt good about all of them!  I am looking forward to the coming week and the weekend out of town.  I am very close to being finished with my Holiday shopping, so my focus this week will be on writing my cards and sending holiday cheer across the globe 🙂

How is your holiday planning?  Hope this week finds you able to take a moment and enjoy the world!


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