Food and Fitness Plan Week #12

This week will be somewhat normal, or as normal as my weeks get!  Yesterday, I went to my first Core workout at Fleet Feet and my body is ANGRY with me.  In the best possible way.  What doesn’t kill you must only  make you stronger!


Monday: breakfast ~Cinnamon Almond Protein Cheerios
lunch ~ tomato spinach tortellini soup
dinner ~ buffalo chicken

Tuesday: breakfast ~overnight oats, orange
lunch ~ quinoa bean bowl (recipe to come!)
dinner ~ soup

Wednesday: breakfast ~  weight watchers cereal
lunch ~ quinoa salad
dinner ~ date night: the torpedo room.  this is a restaurant that’s tucked in to the same complex where we go to the movies, and honestly it can be hit or miss.  however, the last time we were there, i remember getting a really good salad.  let’s just say, we’ll see 😉

Thursday: breakfast ~ egg scramble
lunch ~ soup
dinner ~ turkey pumpkin white bean chili 

Friday: breakfast ~brownie muffin, banana
lunch ~ chili
dinner ~ tbd

Saturdaybreakfast ~ cereal, fruit
lunch ~ double comfort for brunch
dinner ~ tbd

Sunday: breakfast ~ cereal
lunch ~ panera breakfast power sandwich
dinner ~ lasagna roll ups (was going to make those last week, but we ended up visiting friends for dinner and had a great meal!)


Monday: DOR
Tuesday: spin before work
Wednesday: 3 mile after work run or track workout
Thursday: weigh-in day.  yoga dvd+ run
Friday: 3 mile morning run (conference)
Saturday: 7 mile run: training for hot chocolate 15k
Sunday: core class @ fleet feet (work festival)

Normally, I don’t like having so many tbds in my schedule, but this is the first saturday I’ve had off in a long time.  i don’t know what is planned, and i don’t really know if i want to plan anything.  maybe i’ll treat myself to sleeping in, maybe i’ll be on my run before the sun comes up…  i am going to be ok winging it for a day.   i am really excited about brunch saturday, too.  i’ll have to earn it with those 7 miles!


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