Food and Fitness Plan Week #11

Fully recovered from the race, and feeling really good!  It’s also my favorite time of year, we have a few warm and beautiful days left to enjoy the blazing leaves before they’re all gone.  It’s also one of my favorite times to run, even though it’s dark in the morning AND dark after work.  Pretty soon, it will be headlamp and mitten time (or treadmill time) so for now I am enjoying my outdoor running!

I have a half marathon recap in my mind to get out there, but wanted to plan the week ahead first.  I also want to write a new post about joining The Movement at my local Fleet Feet.  But I have so many thoughts about it that it deserves it’s own post too.


Monday: breakfast ~Cinnamon Almond Protein Cheerios
lunch ~ scrambled eggs and peppers
dinner ~ my cookbook club is having a halloween-themed meeting on monday.  I am making “scary slow-cooked chili” from one of our cookbook choices.

Tuesday: breakfast ~overnight oats, apple
lunch ~ mexican tuna salad lettuce cups
dinner ~ buffalo chicken quinoa bake (i froze leftovers but can’t stop thinking about it)

Wednesday: breakfast ~  weight watchers cereal
lunch ~ chili leftovers
dinner ~ beef orzo feta

Thursday: breakfast ~ steel cut oats, fruit
lunch ~ orzo leftovers, salad
dinner ~ slow cooker buffalo chicken also, trick or treat night.  hopefully i won’t eat ALL the candy

Friday: breakfast ~brownie muffin, banana
lunch ~ easy lo mein
dinner ~ something pre-halloween party

Saturdaybreakfast ~ cereal, fruit
lunch ~buffalo chicken salad
dinner ~ out to dinner?

Sunday: breakfast ~ oatmeal, apple
lunch ~ work leftovers
dinner ~ lasagna roll ups


Monday: DOR – walk at dinner
Tuesday: spin before work – walk at dinner
Wednesday: 3 mile morning run
Thursday: weigh-in day.  3 mile easy run
Friday: noon spin class
Saturday: DOR – walk at lunch
Sunday: core class @ fleet feet


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